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Highlander Deceived: A Medieval Scottish Romance
Highlander Deceived: A Medieval Scottish Romance

Highlander Deceived: A Medieval Scottish Romance


4.40 (198 ratings)

A lie this bold will not stay hidden. He thought he was marrying a chieftain’s daughter—but his young wife isn’t who she seems. Deception and passion collide in Medieval Scotland.When Keira Gunn agrees to swap places with her best friend, and wed a man in her stead, she knows life is about to get complicated. She’s also risking her own future. But Keira never wanted to be a nun, and longs for a life outside the nunnery where she’s about to take her vows. Her friend is desperate—and this could be Keira’s only chance to forge a new path for herself.The Mackays of Farr have a new chieftain. Connor Mackay is a reluctant husband, yet he’s been betrothed for years.Now he needs to honor his promise. The woman he collects from the nunnery is a surprise. She isn’t the great beauty Connor expects, yet her quick wit and passionate nature soon enthrall him.But his bride keeps a secret that risks more than both their hearts. Steamy, emotional, and steeped in Scottish history, Jayne Castel’s new series set around the lives and loves of three Mackay siblings will steal your heart.Click on 'Buy now' and begin your adventure today!


NJ Garcia
Good Story, But Hard to Read at Times

I enjoyed this book, I wished some of the storylines had been developed a little more like Rihanna Ross. And although there was no physical abuse, once the secret was revealed I did find the treatment of the main character hard to take at times.

Kindle Customer

The emotions the characters go through are very real. I will need to read about the birth of their child
that everything is well.


I enjoyed the story but I felt like the characters, especially Connor should be more developed. We didn’t really get to know him. Then there was an abrupt ending. It felt unfinished.

Solid, sensual Highlander Romance

It was an entertaining, quick read with a very unique premise. I'm glad Castle moved the plot along quickly but I wish we had gotten more sex scenes/romance between Connor and Keira to highlight their chemistry. I also wish we could have had more insight into Rihanna's character. All we got were sparse accounts of what people thought of her outside of her beauty. It would have been nice to get more info so we as readers could have a solid comparison between her and Keira. The ending was a bit rushed but all in all I enjoyed this quick read.

Good read and a good story

I liked this book and the story was engaging. I struggled with the characters a bit once the intial scenario was found me, some of the storyline dragged out a bit in the middle. Overall it was enjoyable, and I would recommend it. It ends, but definitely leads into the next series book about the brother, but it isn't really unresolved...more like the first part to an overall story about the family. Worth reading especially if you have Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Customer
Very good character development

I enjoyed reading the growth in each character. Keira was a strong woman. I enjoyed Conner and his sibling rivalry!

Great Read

I enjoyed the characters. The theme was exciting!
I would recommend this to my friends and family.
This is a new author for me. I am always excited to add a great author to my list.

Kindle Customer
Connor and I era

Well written with good characters. firefighting ing the highlands has always been a challenge for the clans, sometimes intense and sometimes deadly. Keira was set to the gunnery as her siblings and parents thought she was useless. kies all ways wanted a family and home and her friend Rhianna Ross waterway not to MarshField but instead the man she loved, so alas the story begins. T
fearless all the elements o intrigue,mystery and love.Would have like to seen and extended epilogue. Would highly lrecommend doo. We go as thesaurus the next chapter of theRapists story.