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Tough Luck
Tough Luck

Tough Luck


4.50 (74 ratings)
He should resist her pull, stay strong, stay focused. He should let her walk away, have a normal life.
Guess what?
He doesn’t.

When ex-con Nathan comes to Shakedown looking for a second chance to start over, he never expects to fall for a flirty burlesque dancer.
His past is dangerous, and he will fight their attraction.
But the reckless vixen is all in. She can’t help but fall for the wounded man.
Nothing will stop her from getting what she wants.
Not even a mob family.


jamie brant
True love conquers all

True love conquers all

Nate D
Nathan & Midnight starr

I enjoyed Nathan & Midnight Starr's book. It was an intriguing read. This was a new author for me. I got a copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving my own opinion.


I am voluntarily reviewing this book after receiving a free copy.

Crystal Beauparland
Good Read

I'm freely reviewing this book after receiving a free copy. I thought this book was a good read, it was a little slow in some places, but the story and characters were well written. It had its sweet awww moments mixed with a little mystery.

James arreola

loved the twist and turns in the story

Barrie Mac
Ok read

The book was well written but it lacked excitement. The description was too much and as a result the suspense was lacking. I do feel that the characters were good together, both with tough lives.

My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.

Ex con and the burlesque dancer

An ex-con and a burlesque dancer is not the norm. I think this may be a first for me.?Nathan is the ex con trying to stay out of trouble. His past is not pretty. Starr is one of a set of triplet burlesque dancers. It is an book full of emotion. Starr is the perfect fit for Nathan. You will love the Nathan and Starr. Her sisters are rank high too.

Mindy Wilson
Good book

I just love all kinds of books