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Forged Wolf
Forged Wolf

Forged Wolf


4.40 (331 ratings)

Fighting is my life. I fight on the streets, I fight in my family's gym, I fight to survive each day in this depraved city. But when my dad dies, I can't fight anymore. I'm broken.

And that's when they come for me.

The dark mages violate my very human nature and turn me into a wolf. I hate everything about magic—and now I'm a part of that world. I'm dragged off and taken to the Pound, an underground fighting arena, where wolves are pitted against each other to delight the whims of the perverse elite.

Just when I think this might be my end, he shows up, a Beta Wolf from the Smoky Mountain Pack.

The moment I see him, I can’t look away. I’m drawn to him in a way I have no right to be.

The Smoky Mountain Pack will never accept me, a changed wolf, a perversion of their species.
I'm dead on arrival. I'm going to have to fight my way out of here like I've fought my way through life. 

But when he grabs me and pulls me from the Pound like one of his own, he gives me a chance—and a chance is all I need.

Dark magic changed wolves have an expiration date. The only thing I want to do before this cursed wolf body takes my life is get revenge for what they’ve turned me into. But this mysterious Beta Wolf seems hell bent on keeping me alive…

* The Smoky Mountain Pack series is gritty, sexy, and action-packed paranormal shifter romance, with a badass heroine and a smoking hot alpha.

* Forged Wolf is a full-length novel recommended for mature readers due to language, sexual situations, and graphic fighting scenes.



Zasha is a human fighter that lost her father. On the day he died she was attacked hit with dark magic and forced to change to a wolf. Then she is told she has to fight and that she won't make it. The day of the fight she is rescued by the smokey mountain pack and everyone tells her she should not be alive. This book has mystery and suspense.

Jon James
Good introduction and solid so far

Was just looking for a new author that focuses on werewolves and found a possible diamond in the "ruff". This book has been solid in the flow, and telling the story of our MC(s) has been great. Anytime I felt a plop hole happen, it was filled nicely and more story was applied. Definitely going to try the second in the series.

Amazon Customer
Took a bit to get into

Took me about 1/2 the book to actually get into it & I’m glad I stuck it out. The book is good and I’m excited to read #2. For new readers, the beginning just had a lot of extra detail that will probably be important in the future- it was just hard to get through the first 1/2. Once you do that- it’s worth it.

Amazon Customer
Nice start to a cute series

This book captured my attention pretty quickly. First of all, I love this MC. Zasha is strong, determined, and an ass kicking Eastern European bad ass, so it was very easy to like her from the start. I like where the story is going with the pack dynamic and everyone being confused how Zasha is still alive after being turned into a werewolf by black magic, which no one ever survives. It just goes to show how strong and determined she is. Excited for the next book!


This book is amazingly intense! Between the “dog” fight, hunters, and pack, every page is a turner! Multiple POV adds so much to the story!

Gracie Bustillos

This was a great book. It had me from the get go. I Could not put it down. I highly recommend this book.

Enjoyable but wish we has less POVs

I enjoyed this book, but would have preferred it if we didn’t get Gideon’s point of view; I don’t care why a bad guy is a bad guy.

Kindle Customer
Slow start

Took awhile for it to pick up the pace. Good read though. Would like to see a pronunciation key for the unique names.