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4.10 (111 ratings)
NABE Pinnacle Award Winner for Horror.
Winner of Literary Titan Gold Award.
Reader Views Bronze Award for Short Stories.

The sun has finally set on humanity…
What happens when we give in to the darkness?

Ékleipsis is a short story collection that explores the havoc wreaked when ordinary people abandon their humanity to pursue their darkest desires, and questions just how far people will go to follow their baser instincts.

Each story takes a version of a person we’ve known in our own lives and transforms them into something completely unnerving—yet all too familiar.

These dark, complex characters and twisted tales of the once ordinary will change your perception of humanity forever.



I do not have a problem with crude language - usually. The problem with Ekleipsis is that there's just too much of it. The writing reminded me of a little kid pulling out every bad word he knows and using them every two minutes just to prove he's all grown up. The first few pages are so full of vile ugliness that I didn't bother to finish the story to find out if it had any redeeming qualities. I did not care enough about the main character to try. With so many books on my "To Read" list, I don't have time for one with so little appeal.

Pray that you never meet any of these characters when they are having a bad day!

I’m not really sure how I stumbled upon this great little collection of dark stories, but I am glad that I did. Stephen King has called short stories “little kisses in the dark” and if that is so, then this is a pretty good make out session.

Wino (great name btw) writes insightful, engaging prose that pulls the reader into the minds and souls of his characters. What really makes these stories interesting is that these protagonists are not nice people. Or, maybe they once were nice, but life has just beat them down and now they have … changed — crossing over a line marking the point of no return. Just pray you don’t meet any of these characters when they are having a bad day.

This is a fairly quick read, under 200 pages, consisting of five different stories. I would categorize this as true psychological horror because the terror I felt was more in anticipation of what was coming, rather than from the shock of blood and gore. There are a few gory scenes but definitely not so much that it overpowers the subtle uneasiness that builds slowly to a shocking climax in each story.

Pleasantly surprised! Will look for more from Wino!

Great Read

I really hope to read more by this author. Horror isn't usually my genre, but I do like suspense and this greatly provided that. I enjoyed the first story the most. It was simple, to the point and shocking. The others were good also, but the first is the one that lingered with me, making me think of it during times I wasn't reading.

Great darker side of humanity in short story form

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I really liked these short stories.
I love horror and thriller stories and these showed the darker sides of humanity.
Great read

Excellent..if you have the guts!

Ekleipsis is comprised of five short stories; each one introducing a likely familiar, possibly relatable human reality then turns it inside out, bending and twisting until you feel uneasy at least, horrified at most.

There are many subgenre's of horror media and as a self proclaimed horror nut I am familiar with them all, almost always consumed with a slight indifference, walking away feeling like I was missing out on something because it was horrific enough; until now.

Tamel Wino has hit on perhaps the most unnerving type of horror..human nature. Each of the five stories an excellent representation of the worst side of humanity. With a strong narrative voice, excellent prose (every word exactly the right one, right where it should be to cause the most reaction from the reader). These stories burrow in to your subconscious leaving you feeling uncomfortable and leery of every person you see for the next several days, recalling the twisted ugliness that is present within certain humans.

Ekleipsis is perfect for any horror/thriller fan, especially those itching to test their immunity to respond to material designed to scare you. You won't regret picking up this book and you wont be able to put it down. Tamel Wino has definitely created something with the capability of becoming a cult classic.

I received an advance copy from booksirens so I could give my honest opinion and I'm grateful for the opportunity and the introduction to an author I will most certainly be following from now on.

Tricia Schiro
Evil is here

I was given this book for free from Hidden Gems and have chosen to give an honest review. Horror comes in many shapes and sizes. There are the supernatural kind with spooks and specters, myths and monsters, not to mention aliens and parasites. Then there are the psychological thrillers that deal with issues of the mind. Let’s not forget though, the straight evil of mankind where people commit crimes upon each other. This last version is what this five story compilation horror book covers. Each gruesome tale depicts how warped people can be wether they were always that way or something or someone caused them to change into a psychopath. I readily devoured this book each tale was equally intriguing sucking you in and making you desperate to find out what would happen next. They all though have ambiguous endings that leave you pondering what would happen next, which I really liked. Even though the stories are short the characters feel three dimensional and real. I also liked that these horror stories though set in reality were very different. There were references to abusive parents, PTSD, adultery, gambling, alcoholism, kidnapping, torture, and of course murder. If you want some really good reading and you don’t have a lot of spare time this book is great because the stories are fairly short or if your like me and can’t stop at just one bite you can always read them all at once. If you like Dean Koontz, Stephen King, or Tammy Lee I think you will really like this book.

Gritty and fine short stories

I received an advance review copy for free via BookSirens, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
Gruesome, realistic and evil short stores. As I like! Not for faint of heart.

Katrina Kitchen
Good read

I really enjoyed this book. It was super intense for me to read and I really got into it.