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Dog Willing: A Golden Retriever Mystery
Dog Willing: A Golden Retriever Mystery

Dog Willing: A Golden Retriever Mystery


4.60 (93 ratings)

When his neighbor is accused of murder, reformed computer hacker Steve Levitan and his golden retriever Rochester are asked to sniff out clues to prove her innocence.

Who could have killed bookstore owner Darlene Nowak? One of the food trucks venders she angered when they parked in front of her store? Someone from the writer’s critique group she sponsored? Did a self-published author she refused to promote write her into a real murder mystery?

Steve knows that cooks and creative folks are very sensitive about criticism—but could one of them be angry enough to kill?

“The golden retriever mysteries are barking good!” - Sparkle Abbey, author of the Pampered Pet mystery series


Kindle Customer
A sucker for a good dog story

Having read all 12 of the Golden Retriever books I cannot pick a favorite. They are all good mysteries. They flow well and yet each stands alone admirably. No doubt Rochester is top dog. Some of the names for other characters are too funny not to laugh at but it all works out well.

Terrific as Always

I have now read all of this series except the volume of short stories, and each one grabs my interest and my heart. This story involves a suicide from drugs on campus and a mean bookseller killed by drugs. The author really knows how to hold my complete attention. I was very relieved at the end to know there will be a next story in the series. I love the human interest aspects of these books, the interaction and relationships of the characters and the wonderful dogs.

F. Mayfield
My kind of book

Love the book, as good as the last eleven books. I have read all in the series. Hurry with the next one.

Karen Martin
Perfect characters, setting, story all in one book (12 books)!

This is one of my all time favorite series. Rochester, Steve, Lili and Rick are friends I miss between books. Although this is the 12th book, I looked forward to it and thoroughly enjoyed it just as much as I did the 2nd book. In each book we learn more about the characters as they seem to learn more about themselves and those around them. Elements of academia and of law enforcement leave one feeling more knowledgeable after each story. The changes in and growth of relationships as our characters solve problems, both personal and societal, and catch murderers keep me connected from book to book. Often feel I have new insights along the way and I always feel delighted and entertained. I am quite ready to read book 13!


great read

Sharon S
Good reading

Have enjoyed all of the Golden Retriever Mysteries. I love dogs and a good mystery. Look forward to the next book.