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Coming Home to Heritage Cove: A delightfully romantic summer read
Coming Home to Heritage Cove: A delightfully romantic summer read

Coming Home to Heritage Cove: A delightfully romantic summer read


4.70 (180 ratings)
Welcome to Heritage Cove, the little village by the sea brimming with character, community and friendship, and the perfect place to fall in love this summer…

Melissa rushes back to Heritage Cove when Barney, the man who’s been like a father figure to her since she was a little girl, ends up in hospital. After an absence of five years, her return isn’t going to be easy, especially when she bumps into Harvey, the love of her life and the man she’s never been able to forget.

For reasons he couldn't explain at the time, Harvey changed his mind about going with Melissa to start afresh as they'd planned, and life moved on for the both of them. But with Melissa back in the village and determined to stick around to help Barney, they can't avoid each other forever. Melissa knows she let so many people down by staying away for so long, but she and Harvey blame each other for what happened and neither of them is willing to admit to being in the wrong.

When Barney insists on cancelling the Wedding Dress Ball, the charity fundraiser he holds every year in the stunning barn on his property, Melissa and Harvey realise they’re going to have to pull together. Otherwise the man they once knew might be gone forever. And when they unearth a secret Barney has never shared with anyone, they go in search of answers to not only ensure the ball runs this summer, but to bring back the Barney they know and love.

Back in the cove after all this time, Melissa gets to see the life she left behind and it’s time to deal with what it was that drove her away in the first place.

Beneath the summer sunshine in Heritage Cove, the sea sparkles, the heat rises and new love, reconciliations and the answers to an old love story could bring changes for everyone.

Perfect summer reading for fans of Sarah Morgan, Holly Martin and Jill Mansell

What readers are saying about this book...

"Heritage Cove has this wonderful community spirit that I so want to be part of...I really enjoy Helen’s writing style, I love the switch between characters, I thought the balance between the emotional moments, tough relatable topics against the light hearted fun was done ever so well." Love Books Actually

"This is a really relaxing story to read, one to curl up with after a long hard day, and know you are just going to be treated to a cosy atmosphere, realistic characters that you will come to care for, and just an all around enjoyable story...I just hope this isn't the last we will see of Heritage Cove, as it's a setting I'd love to see a lot more from." Rachel's Random Reads

"The sense of community and friendship is something that this author really does excel at. She manages to hook me with every single one of her stories. This one has that same sense of community spirit and the feeling that people care. It makes for such a heartwarming read...Coming Home to Heritage Cove is a gorgeous story about life, love and loss, also about family, friends and support. A book I would definitely recommend." YvonneB

"It really is a cracker of a read and fabulous start to a new series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Coming Home To Heritage Cove" Ginger Book Geek