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Displacement: Book 2 (Sylvia Wilcox Mysteries)
Displacement: Book 2 (Sylvia Wilcox Mysteries)

Displacement: Book 2 (Sylvia Wilcox Mysteries)


4.20 (219 ratings)

When Sylvia Wilcox takes a leave of absence from the police force to investigate the untimely death of her husband, another mystery-the murder of several students from the local colleges-grabs her attention. The murder of the young men indicates that a serial killer may be roaming the backwoods of southeastern Michigan. Amid Sylvia's grief and search for answers surrounding the loss of her husband, she finds herself simultaneously involved in a dangerous case that threatens to reveal the college town's dark secrets. *This is a prequel.



Great book!

LeAnn McDaniel
She Did it Again

This author has an amazing talent for writing mysteries. I just finished the second book in this series, and she was able to get me all the way to the end without me figuring out the villain. I love her style in storytelling. Truly a gifted author.

mystery lover
I enjoyed the writing style

Another good one from this author. Her main character there is strong, smart, determined and a good person who just wants to get at the truth.

D. Lee
Good, but not great!

This book was fair to good, but definitely not great. Too many unneeded characters with no real need to be in the story. Wish this was book one, instead of book two (don’t understand the whole prequel thing).

I will give book three a try and I pray that it is better than one and two,

A. Kohl
Enjoyed all her books!

I have enjoyed all her books!

Strong series

This series is very promising. I enjoyed the mystery...very unexpected! Hope Sylvia reveals more of herself and some more interesting people come into her life. Love the fact that she is a strong female lead!

Crystal D. Hummel
Love your works!

I can tell much research goes into the writing and liked the surprise ending. The involvement of multiple suspects makes it intriguing too. The personal struggles of Wilcox and her commitment to Martin adds additional dimensions that connects the reader as well. This piece had several typos so I’d be happy to serve as a peer reviewer if interested as I’m fond of your works and want you to succeed further.

Good mystery

It was interesting. Kept me glued to the story