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DEVOLUTION: A Sam Jameson Espionage & Suspense Thriller
DEVOLUTION: A Sam Jameson Espionage & Suspense Thriller

DEVOLUTION: A Sam Jameson Espionage & Suspense Thriller


4.00 (281 ratings)

“Sharp, extremely well written, and scary as hell!”

“The best writing in decades.”

What would it take to put our way of life at risk?

Is it possible for a handful of ultra-deep players to cripple the global economy?

A secret organization with immense wealth and limitless influence squares off against The Establishment in this #1 Bestselling financial conspiracy thriller from espionage master Lars Emmerich.

As the clandestine conflict reaches an explosive flashpoint, Special Agent Sam Jameson, a brash, ballsy, and beautiful spy catcher, is cast headlong into the crossfire. The love of her life is missing, the victim of a brutal and terrifying kidnapping.

Will she unravel the ruthless conspiracy in time to save his life?

Can she save her own?

The characters are vivid, the facts are exquisitely researched, and the plot is gripping and frightening… because the threat is more real than we’d like to imagine.

Book One in the worldwide bestselling Devolution Series will leave you wondering how safe we really are.


Interview with #1 Bestselling Author Lars Emmerich

Q: Who are your influences?
A: Too many to list! I started out years ago as a Tom Clancy addict, and I thoroughly enjoy many of Nelson DeMille’s novels. I regularly read David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, Barry Eisler, Michael Connelly, and John Grisham. James Patterson has redefined what it means to be a working author, and I read his stuff as well. My top picks are usually espionage and private detective novels, any of the thousands of thrillers and mysteries best sellers, and, of course, books featuring classic pulp heroes. And I’m greatly influenced by all sorts of nonfiction, as well. I read all the time, and I’m a bit of a magpie about the topics — science, economics, finance, politics, history, mathematics, engineering, biomechanics, medicine… It’s a big world out there, and I love learning more about it. Many of those topics find their way into my fiction, so I can justify it all as “research.”

Q: The Sam Jameson series has become quite a phenomenon. What do you think has been the driving force behind the books’ success?
A: I think Sam has something of a unique voice. She says the things we all wish we could say, and she gets away with it about half of the time. The other half of the time, not so much. I think she’s also a very human heroine. She has plenty of flaws and weaknesses, yet she accomplishes some amazing things. She’s kind of like every one of us in that regard, which resonates.

Q: You have developed personal relationships with your readers over the years, which is unusual in the publishing business. Was that a conscious choice?
A: Absolutely. Books are intimate things. They occupy a person’s mind and thoughts for hours at a time. Good books leave a lasting impression, and great books might even change the way we think about things, but all books are a relationship. I felt that Big Publishing did a great job of distributing novels, but at a very high cost — there was almost no way for a personal connection to form between writers and readers. But I always wanted a conversation. I wanted to learn from my readers, to hear what was on their minds, to listen to their criticism and hopefully improve the books I write. It’s been extremely rewarding, and I’m hopeful it can continue for years to come.


Too Techie

While I have really enjoyed the Sam Jameson novels so far, this one took too much energy to really enjoy. It was too hard to follow the players for most of the book, and too hard to follow the plot lines.

The main reason for this was the technical jargon, which was pretty much all throughout the book. I sometimes felt like I was attending a computer programming class, rather than reading a novel.

WAY TOO Complicated

So many characters, and the same characters have different names. Very hard to keep track of what is going on. And, when the book ends, the story doesn't. I don't like books that are not self-contained.

Won’t buy rest of series on principle!

Good concept, weak writing until several chapters in, but then it ends abruptly in an apparent attempt to get you to buy the rest of the chapters! An offensive practice to say the least!

Kindle Customer
Great story

The first read by the author.Suspense, romance,conspiracies and murder. Fictional story about organization try to cripple financially the world, lots twists and turns , and intriguing conspiracies. Recommended

Summary for your review

Recommend the whole series. Really well written. Can't wait to read the rest. Hard to put down once you start reading.

William Heath
Well done

Yes, there are significant inaccuracies in tradecraft. Yes, several cities have been moved from one side of the Potomac to the other. And, the soul-sucking banality of the espionage bureaucracy is nowhere in sight. It's still far better done than most.

I found this through a genre search, and the first forty or so pages were not easy to get through (I still can't keep the characters straight) but it is worth the investment of time and energy. Few writers of either gender can sketch a full character who just happens to be a strong woman, but this author manages the feat. First, he created a strong character, then he made the character female. This is the real secret in this political intrigue novel, not who shot RJ or whatever. The characters are not fully developed, but the ones with whom we are most likely to connect are, and that's enough for me.

I lived in the DC area for decades, and the sights and sounds ring true. The plot is actually not far-fetched; as long as you have the paperwork completed correctly, management is always satisfied. I was happy with the plot condensation that happened in the end; loose threads are the hallmark of good writing.

Kathy Green
Get the whole book for paying $7.99 ...did not state sneak peak

I paid $7.99 for the Kindle book snd only received a portion of the book, are you kidding me?? I am so mad, how can you charge that amount for a sneak peak!!!

Kindle Customer