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The Nine-Inch Difference
The Nine-Inch Difference

The Nine-Inch Difference


4.20 (261 ratings)
The Nine-Inch Difference is a steamy MFM romance novel. Author’s note: This new standalone novel is being released FREE for a short time. (If you see this message, it's supposed to be free but might not be price-matched yet, so check back.) Thank you to my mailing list and blog followers and all my readers. You got me through some difficult times, and I hope this brightens your day!
Benedict is her perfect man, with one nine-inch difference…
Eason anticipates her every need, but he’s not human… 
Jolene Harper is fed up. No more men. No more relationships. When she walks into the Lifestyle Companion dealership, she has one goal: purchase a hunky robot capable of giving her the hot domination she’s craved her entire life. 
Benedict, the billionaire who co-owns the dealership, is caught off guard when a stunningly beautiful client mistakes him for a robot. Before Benedict can correct the misunderstanding, Jolene has poured out her soul, detailing her nighttime fantasies. 
Not wanting to embarrass the captivating woman, Benedict passes himself off as a sales bot and devises a clever plan to give Jolene the punishment she’s begging for. He’ll need Eason, an enigmatic top-secret android. 
Though Eason seems almost too eager to help… 
Soon, Benedict’s cover-up and Jolene’s secrets clash with passionate results. And Eason must decide if he’ll take the ultimate risk, revealing a truth that will change the course of history. 
This menage romance contains scenes that may be dangerous for readers with untreated heart conditions. For adults only.