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Broken Heart Strings: A Contemporary New Adult Christian Romance Novel
Broken Heart Strings: A Contemporary New Adult Christian Romance Novel

Broken Heart Strings: A Contemporary New Adult Christian Romance Novel


4.80 (43 ratings)

Life for Nelson Samuels has never been straight-forward and logical. In fact, it’s that time once again… Time for everything about everything to change. He’d thought he’d made the logical decision for himself and his future when he went to Northwestern to study engineering. Of course, to do so, he had to leave Paige Grayson behind, but Nelson has learned that leaving those you love behind is just part of life. Unfortunately, this time leaving is proving to be harder than it’s ever been before, and Nelson can’t quite get himself to get past the memories of her or of the guy he used to be. Will going back one more time allow him to finally leave his past where it belongs and trudge into a future he wants no part of, or does life have something else in mind?

Paige Grayson had her heart broken when she was only 16. Letting go of the love she had for Nelson Samuels has proven more difficult than she could ever have imagined. As she tries to get on with her life and move on, to forget about him and how life used to be, she finds herself on a never-ending merry-go-round of boyfriends and potential boyfriends, remembering and trying to forget. It doesn’t help that her best friend is now in love with Nelson’s best friend, and their quest to put her back together again is not helping anything. But how can she tell them that, and can she finally find peace in knowing that first love might be special but it might not always mean it’s forever?

BROKEN HEART STRINGS is Book 4 in The Imagination Series by USAToday Best-Selling Christian author, Staci Stallings. Fraught with the trials and turmoil of young love, The Imagination Series will give Christian romance readers the emotional ride of a lifetime. These young adults trying to figure out life and love will have you cheering, laughing, and crying as they traverse what it means to be friends and maybe even more.


Intrinsic motivation

This book is actually the fourth in a series and I did read the first one and enjoyed it The struggle of Nelson to find his way in life and the effect of movies he had to watch for an English class and how the psychology professor’s questions parallel his struggles was interesting. And then just happening to get a new roommate, and the interconnectedness of people he meets to work through choices and do what he loves.

Kindle Customer

I choose this rating because I enjoyed Nelson emerging from self centered to learning to think for himself with the help of friends, teachers,and Pastor Mark. Most importantly learning about God and prayer. I actually learned a lot reading this book. I recommend this series to all.

Trudy E. Dapprich
Wearing Masks

Nelson left the love of his life behind to begin a new life at Northwestern College, where his parents attended college. God puts just the right people in his path at just the right time to show him that he is not being his true self but wearing a mask. He is trying to get an engineering degree to please his father. He wants to study music. God gave him music talent as his special light, but he is afraid to follow his heart. A great read with lots of great input for life's trials and turmoils.

A really different look at how parent affect their children's lives.

Good story about choices and how they affect
lives. How one choice affects many people in many, many different ways.

Kindle Customer

This book is written by one of my favorite authors. I've read the first books in the series and I liked this one best. Looking forward to reading the next one.

Wow, such inspiration that blew me away!

First off, I need to say, you need to read these books in order, to get the full effects and understanding of the characters and how life works.

I have to omit, some parts got a little too deep for my feeble mind, and I may have skimmed over some of the cinema themes, but overall I was up to 3 am reading, then grabbed the next book to keep going.

I don't want to give the story line away, but I will say this, no matter what is going on in your life, the writing in this book, if you really read it will open up thoughts you never really thought about before.

Very deep, mind boggling stuff. Great inspiration. Had me rethinking my life.

Amazon Customer
An Amazing Book!

Staci Stallings did an awesome job in the writing of this book. I wanted to learn everything the main character was studying to use it in my life. I want to reread it sometime, but I have already started on the sequel, couldn’t wait!

More than meets the eye

Stack Stallings has a gift of writing books that not only draw you into their story but reach you life lessons in every book, regardless of your age. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us readers.