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Beyond Words
Beyond Words

Beyond Words


4.40 (757 ratings)

I lost my journal. No big deal, right? It’s only the most honest parts of me. Raw. Uncensored. Humiliating. It’s a race against time to get it back before someone finds it.
Except someone did find it. And read it. AND COMMENTED.Sexual boundaries aren’t just crossed in his message, they’re obliterated. His words drop my jaw and flush my cheeks, then piss me off. He has the audacity to demand I contact him. Not gonna happen, buddy.Except, after a tequila-fueled tirade, I do just that…The man I find overflows with kindness and humor and depth. I don’t even know his name, but I fall in love with his mind, opening up in ways I never have with anyone. I'm vulnerable. Bare. Real.Meanwhile, I meet Lucas Hutton—a Marine with scars covering his body, heart, and soul.The chemistry between us is a force of nature, beautiful, powerful, and impossible to ignore.His intensity leaves me reeling. The physical attraction has me melting. I want to pull back his layers and find the man hiding under that scowling exterior.Mind versus body.
Physical versus mental.
Kind versus passionate.
I have to choose between them.
I just don’t know how I can.Beyond Words is a poignant standalone contemporary romance. Heat, heart, and hilarity wait for you in this unconventional love triangle with no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!



I finished this book in a matter of hours. It completely sucked me in. I definitely was suspicious of the twist at the beginning but it still took my breath away. I cried multiple times while reading this and I will absolutely read this again!

Amazon Customer

A unique story love, hope,commitment, hurt, healing, pain, joy all blend in a beautifully told love story with a twist.

I love a romantic family series

I'm so glad I stumbled onto this author and this series while browsing through Kindle Unlimited. Lucas is the oldest of 5 children who gather at their homestead, turned B&B turned resort, after the death of their estranged alcoholic father. Catherine is a new employee, starting over in a new town after a broken engagement to a cheating fiancé. The story is engaging and the family enjoyable. Looking forward to book 2!

Kindle Customer
Absolutely loved it

I'm so glad I stumbled on this book!! Hubby got me a new kindle fire for my birthday and this book popped up as a suggestion for reading. I loved the sweet romance in here. The characters are both emotionally damaged but fundamentally still beautiful, kind, and good. I loved how they came together. I can't wait to read about the rest of this family

Kathy Wilson
A sweet, smart love story

I just finished this book a second time. I don’t often reread stories but the second read left me just as touched as the first. Lucas and Cat are two incredibly smart, intuitive characters who were destined for each other.

J. S
Loved the storyline.

Never read a book with a storyline like that until now. Glad they found each other when they did. Was stopped in time.

Not great.

First of all I saw that plot twist from the beginning,not a big deal. What I didn’t like was everything went extremely fast. Not many details of how she would fall in love with either guy. I got about 50% in and started skimming. At 80% I just quit reading. I don’t even care to read the rest of the series.

Good Read

I loved the way the book flowed! Predictable, but so readable!!!! Cat and Lucas were meant to be together forever!