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Below Zero
Below Zero

Below Zero


4.30 (129 ratings)
Stockholm is under siege. A bomb has exploded, several public figures have been kidnapped and the city is on lockdown.

Unfortunately for Special Agent Ingrid Skyberg, everything is kicking off the day she arrives to complete a dangerous undercover assignment. Her mission is so secret, and so illegal, neither the FBI nor the US government know about it. Her instructions are simple: no ID, no credit cards, no trace. If Ingrid ends up in jail, or floating face down in the harbor, there can be no way of identifying her.Set in the snowy landscapes of a Swedish winter, Below Zero finds the FBI’s most dogged agent on the wrong side of the law and on the run. Using all her knowledge and training to evade capture, Ingrid is forced to break the rules again and again just to stay alive.Unlock the thrills and twists of this up-all-night crime thriller series, perfect for any reader who has ever wondered if there’s a female version of Jack Reacher. There is, and her name is Ingrid Skyberg. _____________

Below Zero is 5th in the Ingrid Skyberg thriller series, but the novels can be read in any order.


PRAISE FOR EVA HUDSON"I was immediately struck by the plotting savvy and grip-factor of Eva Hudson's writing – she is a natural storyteller" - Sophie Hannah"Ingrid is a fascinating character" - James Oswald"Gripped me from the first page" - DS Butler
ABOUT EVA HUDSONAfter years of enjoying thrillers and police procedurals by authors like Lee Child and Michael Connelly, Eva was inspired to write thrillers herself. In 2011 she won the inaugural Lucy Cavendish fiction prize for her first novel, The Loyal Servant and never looked back.


Great read

Give it a try!

Good series

I probably like this one out of all of them. There are good plots, stable characters, and I loved learning about how an embassy works while being completely entertained. But I won’t waffle on.

A bridge too far

Marshall is a classic narcissist. When he becomes Ingrid's boss I had to put the series down. I cannot imagine spending my time reading hundreds of pages between this book and the next with Marshall in charge. It's a horrible thing when you have to report to a self-serving, conceited jerk with the emotional IQ of a 13 year old, why would you want to spend your leisure time reading about one? Not me. The first four books were good, but this is a bridge too far. Count me out.

Incredible Reading

Eva Hudson is my new favorite author. Great story and easy to follow for us avid readers that just can’t get enough.

Linda P.
One of the worse books I have ever read.

Going back and forth from the investigation and the actual story was ludicrous.

Elizabeth W
Below Zero

I have read the entire series . Below Zero was an absolute paper turner due to the back and forth story lines .The alternating story line between Ingred and the investigating committee review made it quite suspenseful.I hope there will be more Ingred Skyberg mysteries.

Kirk Fisher
Good addition to the series

It's always tough when the original author passes away and someone else picks up the torch, but it was done with great care and I think the series is in good hands. Looking forward to the next book.

J Dowell
Non-stop action

Ingrid Skyberg goes on an undercover assignment in Sweden to repay a favor. The operation is not FBI sanctioned so she has no support and could face grave consequences if she is caught. So much takes place in 36 hours and most of it is not good. Ingrid is able to finish and get out of Sweden. I have really enjoyed this series although this book could be read as a stand alone story.