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4.10 (15 ratings)
Mysterious dragons. Hot demons. Fierce witches. Powerful shifters. Enigmatic elves. Secret councils. Forbidden alliances. The Dragon Reign Saga is just starting.

Kate wants answers. She wants to know about the family she’s never known. She and Craig are convinced they have to return to the cursed lands to find the answers.

She finds herself with more questions that she thought she’d have as she’s torn between half-demon Craig and Forrest, son of the dragon shifters leader.

Craig’s got feelings for Kate, but he also has secrets of his own. He didn’t count on her seeing his secrets in the flesh.

Forrest’s torn between his own feelings for Kate and his allegiance to the clan.

Kate—she’s just torn.

Beware: Cliffhangers, violence can be found in this serial series of swicked action-packed fantasy, hot dragons, and fierce witches.