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Another Cinderella
Another Cinderella

Another Cinderella


4.10 (15 ratings)

Cinderella’s stepsister meets an imp, a tinker, and her true self.
It just isn’t fair that Cinderella ends up with the prize and Atlantia is stuck with the drudgery. Instead of a godmother, Atlantia gets an imp. Instead of a romantic coach ride to a magnificent ball, she ends up down a side street at the wrong end of town. And instead of a handsome Prince, the only man interested in her is an impertinent tinker. Obviously, something needs to change. Atlantia just didn’t expect the transformation to begin with herself. Was it possible God wanted her to learn something, not only about escaping hardship, but also about herself?


Kindle Customer
Pretty Good!

This is a sweet little story. It had clever ideas. I liked the writing. Too bad the "evil stepmother" got what she wanted in the end, though! Overall a good little book, a quick and entertaining read.

Fun read for all ages

When I downloaded this ebook, I wasn't sure if I would read it. Seemed too juvenile but it was fun and entertaining. Most of us love the Cinderella story, this book takes us beyond the marriage of Cinderella and the Prince to what life was like for the wicked stepmother and 2 step-sisters after Cinderella left. We also get to see Cinderella in the Palace with her prince. The story is engaging, with several surprise twists. I recommend it for elementary age children on up to adults.

Anemone Flynn
Surprising and delightful

When I picked this book up, I was expecting just another fantasy redo, with Cinderella’s sister expanded on and explained. I got that, but so much more! In the first couple of chapters I felt like I could predict the entire book, and it was just going to be a very brief dance, over quickly and meaningless in the long run. But I was very mistaken. The twists and turns and characters in this book are delightful and entertaining. I will definitely be looking up this author’s other works!

Sweet and Satisfying

This was an excellent spin off of the Cinderella story. The story pulled me in and had me cheering for the step sister!

h l liptak
An enjoyable extension of the classic story

This was by no means flawless, there were too many grammatical errors and some odd word choices but it was good escapism with the bonus of a deeper moral.

Rachel Barnard
Charming Fairy Tale with Morals

Cinderella marries Prince Charming and gets her happily ever after. But what of her stepsisters and stepmother? Alexandria and Atlantia are left without their free laborer and while pockets grow emptier, the three women grow hungrier. It isn’t proper for any young lady of merit to work in the household, but Atlantia is too hungry to care. A pan of eggs turns into washing the windows and sweeping the floors. Too soon, Atlantia will feel like the new Cinderella. But she’s too stubborn to let her mother or sister boss her around!

God is very present in this novel, as well as the journey toward Him, but religion is not the focus, nor is it ever really talked about in this book. It is refreshing to see God present without religion. Is it true that a transformation of soul and personality can take place without God or without a belief in God? I like to think that many other factors helped in Atlantia’s complete transformation and that anyone in her situation could have been transformed, but only with God could she endure. Those with true and sometimes blind faith in Him are able to stay calm in the face of chaos and kind in the face of evil and endure in the face of unending torture. This is an interesting explanation for how Cinderella endured so many years as the servant to her stepmother and stepsisters and endured their cruelty for so long. This is also an explanation as to how she was able to forgive them and wish them no ill will once she’d been taken out of that situation.

I absolutely love the bad guy’s perspective and especially love seeing the complete transformation of a character that is realistic. I wish all bad guys in real life or even people who make bad decisions or used to be mean can about-face and become good people. I like to believe we all have the potential to be good people and that we all want to be good people deep down. Bastedo’s book is a thought-provoking discovery into how a good person can bloom out of a spiteful and mean person.

I enjoyed the changing POV’s – from Frey to Atlantia to Theo and getting multiple little stories along the way. It was interesting to view Cinderella’s story from afar, through the eyes of those around her, especially as this story takes place after her well-known tale.

I absolutely adore fairy tales and fairy tale adaptations and this book was no exception. It was enjoyable to read, fast-paced, and fulfilling. It was exciting to watch the characters, especially Atalantia, grow and change and to get an up close and personal view of their thoughts and feelings.

I received an ARC from the author. This is my honest opinion.