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A Happy Bureaucracy: A Post-Apocalyptic Parody Novel
A Happy Bureaucracy: A Post-Apocalyptic Parody Novel

A Happy Bureaucracy: A Post-Apocalyptic Parody Novel


4.30 (71 ratings)
Nukes ended most of society. Now all that’s left is taxes.No big deal or anything.
Safe and sound inside a government bunker, Arthur is proud to be just another drone. But for an ambitious man (and excellent typist) such as Arthur, a promotion to supervisor is just around the corner. But his world is flipped when the brass makes him a census-taker instead. His task: to head out into the irradiated streets armed with paperwork and red tape. Assigned to him is a drug-addicted bodyguard, Rabia Duke, who could care less if they survive.
The wastes bring much to fear. But even above radiation, roving gangs, and starvation, what the world should fear the most remains bureaucracy. A happy bureaucracy.
Brazil by way of Mad Max, M.P. Fitzgerald’s A Happy Bureaucracy is a bleak and hilarious look at the wheels of a system that keep turning even when nothing else is left. Get your copy today!


Amazon Customer
Gonzo meets the Post-Apocalypse

Well, that was a fun read! I must say that I got it for free. And I have already bought the next book in the series.

There's not too much emphasis on detail -- just enough to make you feel like you should know the setting. Just enough to give the characters something to play with.

Those characters? They are a hoot! It'll be fun to see how they evolve.

Scarolet Ellis
Great Story

A Happy Bureaucracy: A Post-Apocalyptic Parody Novel (The Happy Bureaucracy Book 1) by M.P. Fitzgerald is a great story to read . This is book number one in this start to a brand new great series that is written by a brand new author for me to read. I recommend this story to everyone.

I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review.

Debra M
Worth reading

I enjoy post apocalyptic stories and this was well written. It reminded me of Mad Max.

New Spin on the Apocalypse

Simply delightful. The IRS is the only government agency to survive the apocalypse. And auditors must audit. Witty and fast read. Love the refreshing take take on a post-apocalyptic world.

King Arthur of the Wastelands!!

This was a fun ride through post nuclear America on the back of Arthur the Auditor, The Tax man Cometh.. Pay in what ?? the price is deadly , But then again will the Body Guard become more ? This fun look at a dystopian Future in an America that's a desert wasteland, Where the IRS will always get it's pound of flesh.. read on ..I am an Honest ARC Reviewer..This will be a good one !!

' Mad Max ' meets ' Office Space '.

Mild mannered, polite, IRS agent Arthur McDowell just wants to do his job efficiently....and without being killed by one of the post apocalypse " Mad Max " type survivors who'd rather kill him and eat him than pay their taxes. It doesn't matter that there's no surviving government to use the taxes - Arthur is determined to collect them. When Arthur is paired up with a hard drinking, drug using, badass, killing machine, female bodyguard, he doesn't know if he's in love or if he should run away from her before she decides she'd rather kill him than protect him. Arthur and Rabia's attempt to do a census at the compound of an insane slave trader results in Rabia needing all of her killing skills to keep Arthur alive.
If you like post apocalyptic thrillers, or dark humor, then you'll like " A Happy Bureaucracy ".

J. Burke
A Happy Bureaucracy???

How can something so dystopian make me so happy? In a world where only roaches should have survived - they the form of the IRS, that is. While reading this I was watching the movie version on the Big Screen in my mind and I can't wait to get a copy of it on Blu-Ray. Or better yet - I'd love to watch the entire Happy Bureaucracy canon being produced as a multi-season TV series by HBO (or whatever entertainment mega-conglomerate survives the apocalypse). I highly recommend "A Happy Bureaucracy" to any reader that believes in death and taxes.

Mike Cody
Eternal Revenue Service

After the war, only the strong survive. Those and the rule-bound, that is, Anyone who has dealt with the IRS, or any other bureaucracy, will appreciate the concept of this one, and anyone who is a fan of good writing will appreciate the quality. I am looking forward to reading the further adventures of our intrepid tax collectors.