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A Governess of Great Talents
A Governess of Great Talents

A Governess of Great Talents


4.20 (298 ratings)
Welcome to a brand new and exciting series titled The Governess Bureau from Best Selling Author Emily E K Murdoch!

When the nobility and gentility of England are at their wits end, they send a discrete note to Miss Vivienne Clarke’s Governess Bureau. Only accepting the very best clients, their governesses are coveted, with every governess following three rules:

1.You must have an impeccable record.
2.You must bring a special skill to the table.
3.You must never fall in love…

Book 1, A Governess of Great Talents

When a governess of great talents is required, there is only one place the nobility of England go: the Governess Bureau.

It was why Miss Meredith Hubert had worked so hard to gain her place there. Finishing with the Earl of Marnmouth's children, she is about to be given her next assignment - a Duke called Alfred Carmichael with a reputation to maintain and a half-brother who needs controlling.

Archibald is but eight years old, but already threatens to ruin the family's reputation as Alfred, the Duke, tries to maintain it. They have to be spotless as there are other families who wish to take their place in society. But Meredith has a secret to hide, and she's not the only one. Maids sent away in secret, items missing from the house, there is more than one mystery at Rochdale Abbey.

When a Duke falls in love with a governess, there's only one way this can end - in scandal.

As Alfred Carmichael tries desperately to retain his family's honor and fight his desire of Meredith, how will Meredith's Great Talents ensure a happily ever after for them all?

This full length novel is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order.

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Kindle Customer

You will fall in love with Meredith and her Duke, although from time to time you may want to give him a slap to the back of his head. I really loved her teaching method and the way Archie developed as a character.

P Lombard
Governesses NEVER fall in love.

Anxious to get her next assignment, and not caring that it was in the far north of England, Miss Hubert is anxious to get started. No one can know about her former life. Can she handle a child unaccustomed to being told what to do?

Betty Santos
Love Survives All Chalenges

Wonderful book! It kept me interested from beginning to end. It shows the many challenges during the period of class distinction.

Unlikeable Hero

I found the Hero unlikeable. I hoped he would have more redeeming character as the story progressed but he did not. I'm not sure what the heroine found so loveable about him. He was rude, and boring and appeared to be lazy to boot. He did not appear to be very intelligent either.
It would have been a better story if he had been more likeable, in my opinion.

Left a major situation in the story unanswered

This story had a bit of humor, intrigue and a happy ending romance. I did find, personally, something in this story made no sense. There was a lot of time spent talking about the under-maid Molly disappearing and then, near the end of the book she is discovered by Meredith at the local inn and says she had a baby by John Talbot and then nothing more is said about her. This is the same John Talbot who told Meredith the duke seduced his help. Then we find out it was this John who got Molly pregnant. To me, it made no sense to just let this information come out suddenly in the story and then to just as suddenly drop Molly’s situation out of the whole story with no further explanation That’s why the two star rating as the story was left hanging, so to speak

Tiffany T Hawkins
Wasn't my best

I enjoy Emily Murdoch novels and this one fell a bit flat for me. Steam was limited. Not enough about Mere's family was revealed or resolved. I didn't like how he kicked her out and she definitely forgave him too easily, he didn't work for it, just fixed it by saying my bad let's get married. My favorite character was actually lil Archie. And I definitely didn't like Talbot wasn't held accountable for what he did to Molly.


Meredith has tried so hard to change her history. She is determined to make her way in life as a governess. She’s very good at it but sometimes has to curb her outspokenness. The Duke that she goes to work for has a wat to try her patience but there is an instant attraction. She is there to teach his young brother, Archibald. Their story is a very interesting one and I think you will enjoy reading about them.

This is my honest review.

Kindle Customer
The governess and the duke

What a delightful romp this story provides. Meredith is a delightful heroine and deserves her HEA . After all, it is hard earned