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Fake Fiancé Furry Bear: Dream Team Shifters 1
Fake Fiancé Furry Bear: Dream Team Shifters 1

Fake Fiancé Furry Bear: Dream Team Shifters 1


4.60 (74 ratings)
Find a mate, save the world…oh yeah…defeat the evil shifters … a piece of cake for a big bad bear shifter, right?

“Jack” needs to find a mate in order to seal an alliance with the Shifter League here on earth. Money has always been the answer for this prince, so why not now? He’ll just pay someone to help him get a mate… What could go wrong? He has faced down the biggest and the baddest, and is up against the worst the galaxy has to offer… How difficult can it be to find a mate? Pretty hard, it turns out…

Small town girl, Sierra, is about to throw in the hat as a dating coach. She can’t even get her own man. Who is she kidding? That is until an almost unbelievable new client shows up. Get a boat load of money to help this total Adonis find a girlfriend? I mean, this guy could have any girl he wants… How hard could it be? Little does she know the direction things are about to take. And what is this about him being into bears? She’s not quite sure she heard him right…

As the two of them start to fall for one another, secrets begin to lead to misunderstandings piled upon misunderstandings.
Oh, and did we mention, the baddies wanting to destroy the innocent little town of Greenrock? (Actually, throw in the rest of Earth while you’re at it!)

Can this unlikely pair solidify a new alliance in time to save themselves and the rest of the town…and planet? Or will this end up being the ultimate dating fail…?

Jump in as we start a new adventure…

Also included is a brief preview of Return of the Wolf ...

This story contains no cheating, no cliff hangers, and of course has a HEA! ; )

Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.

Fake Fiancé Furry Bear is a Bear Shifter Romance that will appeal to lovers of paranormal, urban fantasy, shapeshifters, scifi, and, of course sexy sweet romance full of the “feels”. If you enjoy stories by Zoe Chant, T.S. Joyce, Harmony Raines, and Terry Bolryder we think you will enjoy this!