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A Defender Rises
A Defender Rises

A Defender Rises

by and

4.50 (227 ratings)
Ruby Achera just wanted a nice, quiet drink at her family’s casino in Magic City. The Mist Casino sits just above a kemana with an interior that would make a ghost feel right at home. Of course it does.After all, Magic City has to compete with nearby Vegas. A different kind of magic.Ruby is just back from University for the summer, catching up with an old friend when everything changes with a BANG! A series of small blasts are exploding all around her. Chips are flying through the air. Someone wanted to announce their arrival in town. But who?Ruby is about to get drawn into a battle for control of Magic City. They just made the fight personal. Is the Ebon Dragon Casino next?Will Ruby’s secrets get in her way?What waits at the end could change her life forever, if she survives the journey.For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, take a vacation to Magic City! Scroll up and click the Buy Now button and read it today.


Fantasy sci-fi listens
Interesting opening book

I enjoy urban fantasy and this book has definitely wet my appetite for more. Onto the next book in the series… I love how the main character is developing so far and I got hooked when there was an interesting mix of supernaturals in a unique way.

Lisa Wilson


Interesting characters

Interesting characters but all descriptions of the swordplay and fight are a bit detailed. If I were fighting for my life, I think I would be a bit more aggressive. Sometimes it is hard to know who is talking, Ruby or Idyll.

2.5 Stars of Not Bad. Not good either, but it could have been.

Surprisingly the most unbelievable thing in a universe where there are magical alien elves running a casino in Nevada isn't....that. It's the main character's motivations.

The main character Ruby, a 25 year old with a masters degree, has an overwhelming sense of justice akin to a child who dreams of being a hero of justice. While a bit juvenile, that alone does not diminish the character, but very early on we are introduced to a number of incongruities given her strong desire to help people.

**Light Spoiler***
It became hard to take her seriously within the first few pages when it is stated that "her training taught her to kill if necessary", but she chooses to be lenient against opponents whom she decided to fight and intervene against because she believed that they were going to kill some other people (not to mention trying to actively kill Ruby). Throw in a snarky side kick and a catwoman mask from Batman Returns half way through the story, and it was just too much. I say that even as someone who enjoys secret identity stories.

Matthew James
Awesome New Series

This new Oriseran series Magic City. Looks to be as great as the rest of them have been. I'm really looking forward to where this new series' storyline goes.

Sandra R

The first book was not well written. Whichever one wrote it did so in third person which was confusing with all the "she"s.

I Iove the storyline. Quite a good read. Interesting characters.

However, I do NOT like the fact this is put on Amazon as a 5 book series. Lo and behold, I get to the end of book 5, and it is not done. No mention of or idea when or if the next book will come out. I'm not happy in the slightest. I try to read series that are completed already since I read alot. This claimed to be complete.

Kindle Customer
Justice-driven plot...

... which I love about Anderle stories, but I'm having a hard time connecting with the heroine. It seemed quite a build-up of drama about visiting her family so it was completely anti-climatic when we were introduced to a normal and loving family dinner. Likewise, the garage used for a portal could have used up far fewer words. It appeared the author was building toward a mystery, but again it fell flat in the revelation of a mundane purpose. She just wanted to hide what she was doing. Maybe I got lost in all the words and explanations, but I'm not sure why she needs to find a location to portal from sometimes but at other times just opens portals to her various rooms from wherever. I'll continue to the next book with lower expectations.

Ian Brown
Boring, silly and predictable

REally? You can find probably 5 other authors with similar books but at least these are more interesting. The MC supposedly is able to hide her features from not just Humans but magics users up to and including coucil members???
I think the book really lost me when she sort of randomly decides to be an investigator to right wrongs and starts wearign a mask?? Oh you are kidding, this is not the 1960s?? Of course she quickly finds/receveis her 'snarky'side kick.
Maybe i missed it and this is listed as a young teen story so it might be ok for then, epsecially the constant desire to dont injure and especially dont kill the criminals that are 1) shooting innocent people, 2) piping poison into a main Casino air con duct???
Also, the way the MC is like 10 steps ahead of the police and the other agencies?? Nope a well written (2 stars for that) silly childish story