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Pies, Lies and a Last Goodbye: Novella
Pies, Lies and a Last Goodbye: Novella

Pies, Lies and a Last Goodbye: Novella


4.20 (5 ratings)
A missing horse. An absent heartthrob’s disappearing wife. A catering gig making pie for highflying gamblers.Monica’s got her fingers in too many pies, all of them leading to trouble. Tristan Dumont, the hunky millionaire and very married horseman asks Monica for a favor. Keep an eye on his beloved appaloosa till he gets back in town. As usual, she jumps to please him without thinking twice. When Tristan’s horse and then his wife go missing, social media starts to hum with gossip that Monica was the last to see both victims alive. Things continue to spin out of control, like the wheels on her beloved hot pink Fiat, and Monica has more on her hands than baking pies for a derby. Can Monica clear her name and save the innocent victims before Mr. Dumont returns home? Because the game is rigged and Monica is in danger of losing all that she cherishes most.


Andrea L. Stoeckel
Really interesting premise...and pie

Review “Remember, we have to look at the venue for the Kentucky Derby party in the morning. We need to appear at the top of our game. You are the other B in B& B Catering. Make me proud.”

Monica Baker is in a pinch again. She and Brenda have Signed on to do a Kentucky Derby themed dinner for twenty...but...little do they know exactly what it entails. Brenda’s new “beau”, Bob, is helping by doing background checks, Brenda’s planning the menu. However, Monica thinks something’s off, and can’t figure out what’s going on, she calls it her “need to analyze”. Everywhere she turns, she runs into things that force alarms to go off. And, it’s forcing her heart and her head to stop waging war and work together to help Tristan Dumont and his horse Tache, not to mention the reputation of B&B Catering, on the up and up.

Leave it to Author Maria Grazia Swan to have us looking all over the place to find out the solution to yet another mystery. It’s so nice to sit and chat and figure out what’s going on. With Maria, all bets are off. I love her characters no matter who might be served up as long as you save room for Brenda’s pie. Highly recommended 5/5