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You Are Dead. (Sign Here Please)
You Are Dead. (Sign Here Please)

You Are Dead. (Sign Here Please)


3.80 (777 ratings)

You Are Dead. (Sign Here Please) is a madcap comedy of truly ludicrous proportions. After Nathan Haynes dies, he discovers that the afterlife is run by straight-laced bureaucrats, but when he refuses to sign his 21B he is punted back to life in his insane home city of Dead Donkey. He can't rest easy, though - the bureaucrats are out to get him and they will put his papers in order, no matter the cost. Will our hero die (again)? Will the bureaucrats trick him into filling the proper forms in? Will Nathan ever get to do his laundry? Find out in You Are Dead. (Sign Here Please)!


Helen Scott
Great idea but takes too long to get there

Original concept of eternity and impossible living conditions on earth. So impossible, in fact, that they become boring. Good try.

Derek Tombrello
Dr. Seuss Went Insane, Got Stoned and Wrote Books For Adults

Wow. I almost put the first book down in the first chapter. When a paragraph is dozens of words long with not a single punctuation in sight, I tend to lose interest pretty quickly. I am so glad that I kept with it. The story is completely stupid - and that is a good thing. I read all six of the original series and was so sad to have my time with Nathan and all his friends/frenemies come to an end. I was so glad to see that there is an all new entry into the lunacy that is Nathan Haynes' life.

Given some of the authors other work, I am surprised that the political humor in this entire series (up through book six anyway - I haven't yet read book seven) is completely neutral. This is one of those few books that you can read and enjoy no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall. This in and of itself is enough of a reason to recommend these books.

You have to be able to suspend your brain cells to enjoy this, though. Trust me, you will be able to follow along much easier if you do. After all, the main protagonist - Nathan - suspended all brain function from birth. All of the characters - even the bad guys - are hilarious and if you don't laugh out loud at least once a chapter, you may need to take your funny bone in for it's 20,000 mile oil change.

There are few books that can keep my interest past a few installments, but Nathan Haynes and his creator - Andrew Stanek - manages to pull it off. Give yourself the give of laugh and buy this whole series. You will not regret it.

I feel I have to add this bit to counter the negative reviews. If your reading style is hoity-toity... If you have a stick shoved up nether regions... If you have a holier-than-thou complex... If you're just plain boring... don't bother. You ain't gonna like it. If you are a kid at heart... If you have a sense of humor... If your pants sometimes argue with you... ignore the naysayers (lol... nay... Donkey... get it?) and give this series a chance.

Amazon Customer
Fun read

This book was all over the place but I think that's what made it fun to read. I kept me laughing.

James Taylor
A Different Read

A very unique story. The author wrote a story which was supposed to be a comedy. For me this story wasn’t funny. I am sure someone else may find it funny.

Amazon Customer

While the underlying story is amusing, there is way too much irrelevant junk in this book. So much that I just started skimming over those parts and skipping down to where the story picked up again.

J. Garrison
Very silly book :-)

This is very silly book. If you are looking for something very silly to read that is amusing and light and fun, you may enjoy this. I certainly did. I can’t give it five stars because it’s simply too silly for that. But as far as a silly book goes, I quite liked it. And I have to say I enjoyed the ending a lot.

Amazon Customer
Odd story

Very funny book. I loved it!

The Divine Diva
Fun and absurd

Took me a few minutes to get into this book, but once I shut off my expectations of logic and let myself go along for the ride, I enjoyed it greatly. The book follows is own internal logic which is only loosely based on realistic logic. It's a hoot and a fun ride of ridiculosity. I'll read the next one!

Very unique and entertaining

This book is unlike any others I have read. It is funny and totally believable -- if you have ever had to deal with bureaucracy -- and who hasn't?

Amazon Customer
Tedious Read

Very tedious read. The writing was one dimensional with attempted humor and corner rounding but it always quickly returned to what you'd already read.

Mel Ler

This is the most absurdly funny book I have ever read. I would highly recommend it.I mostly read non fiction but this book was definitely worth my time.

Karen E

This is the funniest book I have read in years! I love the zany , dry wit of the author. He makes sarcastic fun of so many different things, all in one book. He is a master at his craft. The characters are crazy but relatable. The twists and turns keep you guessing. You never know what is coming next. If you enjoy dry sarcastic humor, you must read this book!