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Truth: A Mafia Novel
Truth: A Mafia Novel

Truth: A Mafia Novel


4.40 (345 ratings)
"Intense. Sexy. Chemistry offthe charts." -New York Times bestselling author, Kelly Elliott.

Dominic King is a man with secrets, mob affiliations,and a life unsuited for love. But what starts a one-nightstand with a gorgeous bombshell named Drew feels like it should become his forever.
I'm ruthless, powerful, and unforgiving. 
The kind of man that kills withoutremorse.
But the moment I see her, I want her. No matter the consequence.
It was supposed to be one night. No more.
That's what I told myself. It's what we agreed.
Then Drew walked away.
It felt like she'd ripped my heart from my chest. One I didn't even know existed untilshe'd made it beat. Iwarned her not to walk away--that I'd never forgive her.
She wouldn't listen.
She should've known better.
If Drew wants my forgiveness. She'll have to earn it. I will ownher body and soul. Consumeher until she begs. Because every King needs his queen.
And Drew Matthews is mine.
USA TodayBestselling author, Trilina Pucci, brings you and hot, fast-paced mafia romancewith an instant connection between two flawed, stubborn people that fight likehell to ignore their fate.