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To Catch a Texas Cowboy
To Catch a Texas Cowboy

To Catch a Texas Cowboy


4.40 (359 ratings)

Grace Henry needs a reboot. Laid off and unable to find a new job in her native NYC, Grace heads West to Wishing, Texas to run her best friend’s bed and breakfast. But before she hits the city limits, to her luck, Grace rear ends the chief of police’s truck. As the mouth watering western dream peels off his shirt to clean her cut, she reminds herself what cops are like—cynical, inflexible, curious and controlling. Her NYPD father taught her that fact.

FBI agent AJ Quinn is undercover in Wishing to catch a forger. Though his best friend lives in Wishing and he always longed to buy land there, Wishing is an annoying detour from his purpose, working major cases and fulfilling the vow to his father to make a difference in the world. But when Grace crashes into his life, AJ suddenly finds himself questioning his direction and determination to remain single.

Though Grace and AJ insist they don’t want a relationship and are wrong on too many levels to count, when the head says no, the heart says yes…..

Wishing, Texas series
Book 1: To Love a Texas Cowboy
Book 2: To Catch a Texas Cowboy
Book 3: To Tame a Texas Cowboy
Book 4: To Marry a Texas Cowboy - Coming soon


Barbara Perry

Well I couldn’t put this one down. It was great. I loved the wit and one-liners. Humorous and very homey.

Ms Tx
Great story, needs editing

Both of the Wishing, Texas books have a great storyline, fun characters, and believable dialog. They just need someone to edit the omitted and doubled words.

Mary Fitzgerald
Good sweet romance

Enjoyable story. Predictable but cute.


A underwhelming story. Not much yay. I liked how it was a story not a smut book. But didn’t have the wow factor for me.

Good contemporary romance

The story of Grace and AJ is a pleasant read filled with an interesting insight into the FBI and their tactics. The reason I used the word pleasant it is not filled with angst and steam it is a genuinely good flowing journey. The supporting characters too are enjoyable and whilst not a lot of back story what there is blends them very well into the story.
4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars well earned recommend.