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Bad Boyfriend: A Bad Boy Fake Romance
Bad Boyfriend: A Bad Boy Fake Romance

Bad Boyfriend: A Bad Boy Fake Romance


4.40 (68 ratings)
He might be bad news, but he’s also the story she’s looking for...

After five years of wasting my Journalism Degree writing an advice column, my editor offers me my first real assignment.Too bad I’ll have to work alongside a Private Investigator from out of town.Enter Grayson Cole.The broody and secretive bad boy who took my V-Card eight summers ago then broke my heart.After years of hating Grayson for leaving without saying goodbye, now I’m the only person who can pose as his girlfriend.Between the long hours working together and the public displays of affection, it’s getting harder to tell what’s real.I need to walk away before history repeats itself.But when Grayson shows up at my door in the middle of the night and tells me why he really came back...What started out as fake, becomes dangerously real…



So much mystery and intrigue. Liked how you thought the story was going one way and went in a completely different direction. With a who done it investigative foundation. You get the behind the scenes investigative side of the bad things that go on under the shiny surface of the world. The quote, “ where corruptions is, justice doesn’t exist” is totally right. And honestly I hope there are groups out there taking care of the Evil of the world that goes free because of those they have in their pocket. Grayson was multi layered and you really wanted to get to the heart of the story with him and why he does what he does. I like Izzy. She was strong yet vulnerable when it came to him. You could see that depots their banter and heat they were good for one another. I didn’t like her sister and all her nagging but I guess it is what a true siblong would do who thinks they know best and wants to protect their family and loved one.

vicki cummings

So I have to say that I liked the characters in this story, and I even liked most of the storyline. BUT, I am not sure how I feel about the vigilante aspect of the book. Perhaps more will be forthcoming in other stories so I will reserve final judgement for niw.

Subterfuge and intrigue in a small town

Isabel and Grayson had a teen romance years ago with Grayson suddenly leaving without explanation. It took years for Isabel to get over the hurt.

Grayson suddenly shows up in town again - now every bit a man instead of a boy. Isabel is assigned to work with him in an investigation posing as his girlfriend.

While this is a fake relationship romance, it also is about second chances. They are both reluctant to acknowledge their attraction is still strong. Isabel is now a non-nonsense, feisty young woman, not a besotted girl. Grayson is distracted from his purpose by Isabel’s presence.

The story has major steam, bluster, a touch of angst, some alpha male protectiveness and a much needed HEA for Grayson and Isabel.

fun read, i enjoyed it

great read, i did enjoy the characters. HEA ending. will read more. so ansty at times ... sweet, steamy 2.

Great Book!

I really enjoyed this book. The plot kept my attention and touched on problems in the United States that are rarely mentioned. The main characters were smart, courageous, and people I would like to know.

Vinessa Donatelli Wooten
Yes Please

Grayson is back and Isobel is his fake girlfriend.
See he is a PI now and she is a low on the todum pole reporter given her first real story. The catch is she needs to pretend to be in love with her ex, who broke her heart, she wants answers to questions that do not evolve the case, he has a secret.
The ups and downs you read in this story will have you bending all around trying to see every angle.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Great story

This is Lexi’s new series and wow can’t wait to read them all. In this book we meet Grayson and Isabel. We have plenty ups and downs, Twists and turns, deception and intrigue. The characters are interesting and passionate. A really good read

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Another great Lexi Hart book. You get the right amounts of drama, action, mystery, romance, and stream in each book and this one is no different. I’m ready for the next in the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Sarah Schopick

Needs editing. There are so many grammatical mistakes. The love interest has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Grayson belittles Isabel every chance he gets. He is a complete chauvinist who treats Isabel like she’s an airhead not worth anything more than his sexual attraction to her, even though he needs her and her investigative journalism background could help him investigate his case. He acts like he is so much better than her while claiming she’s too good for him. He tells her at one point that she looks like his maid! And I understand that no one can control how they feel about someone and Isabel feels a connection to him but she keeps insisting he can change even though it seems like he has only changed for the worse.
The writing is so fake. Everything feels rushed, but not in an intentional way. I just really hates this. I won’t read more from this author again.


I quit reading when the pompous, angry, jerk H makes the statement calling a group
of people "small-minded conservative population". Maybe the author didn't intend for that to be a political dig, but I read it as that. Very disappointing since I hate books that are meant to be romantic escapism and pure entertainment, but an author decides to sneak in a lecture instead.