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Three Things I'd Never Do: A Romantic Comedy
Three Things I'd Never Do: A Romantic Comedy

Three Things I'd Never Do: A Romantic Comedy


4.60 (104 ratings)
I’m a cat person. He has two BIG dogs. There is no chance this will work.

There are three things I said I’d never do—
Never move back in with my parents. Thanks to a summer storm, not only am I residing with my parents—temporarily—but a tree falls on their house and traps me in the bathtub. Enter the hottie firefighter who rescues me, bubbles and all. Then my parents have to move in with me. Oh joy.

Never let my mom set me up on a blind date. She asks so many times, I finally agree. And the hot firefighter—Adam—is the one who shows up. Because I’ve always wanted to go on a first date with a guy who has seen me in nothing but bubbles. Not.

Never date a guy with a dog. Adam is nearly perfect . . . except he has dogs. The furry beasts frighten me, and no way would Pookie tolerate them.

But for a chance at love and to get over my fear, I volunteer to dog sit for the weekend. It doesn’t go well.
Someone is going to end up in the doghouse. It might be me.

Three Things I’d Never Do is a sweet romantic comedy with heartwarming characters and a touch of sizzle that will have you laughing your way to the happily ever after.


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Funny, well written story

This was a funny, well written story. I liked the fact that they liked each other from the start and were willing to work on their differences together. It was give and take on both sides. Very enjoyable book.

Hilarious and Sweet

This was a sweet and funny romance. I never quite knew what was coming next, and I liked seeing Eve a d Adam’s relationship develop over time. Having Eve slowly cross off things she’d never do was cute, and overall I just really enjoyed this story!


From the 1st few pages, I was hooked. Poor Eve! Trapped in a bubble bath by a fallen tree? What are the chances?