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This Changes Everything
This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything


4.40 (136 ratings)
Meet the McLaughlins: Four gorgeous brothers in a close-knit family, and the ladies who love them.

This Changes Everything:

Zach McLaughlin was Abby’s first crush. Hot, enticing, out of reach.

Then comes the wedding, where Zach is best man to the groom, his brother, and Abby’s maid of honor. A few bottles and some dancing later, and Abby finds herself waking up next to Zach after a mind-blowing one-night stand.

Zach can’t believe Abby has become such a beautiful woman. Their first kiss, long ago, had been a mess, but being with Abby now stirs a fire in his soul.

But Abby vanishes in the morning, and Zach is left with beautiful memories and a determination to not let her go so easily. Even if he has to recruit his infuriating brothers to help him, Zach is going to find a way to change everything ...

Book One of the McLaughlin Brothers