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Deadly Sins: Greed
Deadly Sins: Greed

Deadly Sins: Greed


4.40 (107 ratings)
It was just another day for mob boss Giovanni Luciana until he took his car for a drive.

On a calm summer evening, Giovanni takes his young son Luca for drive. A car pulls alongside, and when the window comes down, the driver is holding a gun. He aims, showering Daniela's car with gunfire. Who is this man? Why has he taken Giovanni? And will Luca survive?

Praise for the Deadly Sins series:

"You feel like you are watching the events unfold."

"Grips you from first paragraph. I wasn't able to guess the murderer until the end."

"If you are not familiar with the series, or this author, this is a good introduction." -Marsha Jo, Amazon Vine Voice

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