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The Way of the Leader: A Journey of Riches
The Way of the Leader: A Journey of Riches

The Way of the Leader: A Journey of Riches


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How do you cope when you face leadership challenges?

Are you really the best leader you can be in your role or organization?

Where are the places that you could improve your performance?

Being a great leader comes naturally to just a few. For others, it takes hard work, practice and a lot of failures before they can truly be regarded as what could be termed a great leader. This inspiring collection of 11 stories is part of the hugely successful A Journey of Riches series that provides insights into many of the habits and traits that we should strive to have in order to find the success and happiness we covet. Inside, A Journey of Riches: The Way of the Leader, John Spender has gathered 11 insightful stories of what leadership is and means. The examples come from a diverse range of people who have all found their own ways to lead and provide insights that cover:

* Why true leadership often starts with gratitude
* The importance of healthy debate
* Maintaining integrity throughout
* Finding a way to lead through collaborative working
* Discovering the greatness inside you
* Treating others with care and respect
* And much more…

Leadership often comes at a price and usually involves facing our darkest fears along the way. But every leader also has their own unique story to tell, of how they managed to overcome their fears and uncertainty to find success and it is this we can use to motivate ourselves on our own journey.High Praise for A Journey of Riches series: "If you're looking for an inspiring read to get you through any fear, this is it!! This book is filled with many gripping perspectives, from a collection of successful international authors with a tonne of wisdom to share." -Theera Phetmalaigul, Entrepreneur/Investor."A must-read for anyone facing significant changes or challenges in life right now. This book will give you the courage to move through any challenge with confidence, grace, and ease." -Jo-Anne Irwin, Transformational Coach & Bestselling Author."A timely read as I'm facing a few fears right now. I liked the various insights from the different authors. This book will inspire you to move through any challenge that you are experiencing as a leader." -David Ostrand, Business Owner.Contributing Authors in this volume: John Spender, Stefan Almér, Kim Wen, Izaak Coetzee, Debi Beebe, Elizabeth Jennifer Chua, Michelle Gardiner, Lillian Tahuri, Mariese B. Vacalares, Russell Futcher, Ciara McArdle.A Journey of Riches: The Way of the Leader is the twenty-fourth book in theJourney of Riches seriesScroll up and click the buy button now Where there are people to be led, leaders will emerge. Are you one who will rise to the challenges?