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The Viscount’s Vow: Enhanced Second Edition: A Historical Scottish Regency Romance
The Viscount’s Vow: Enhanced Second Edition: A Historical Scottish Regency Romance

The Viscount’s Vow: Enhanced Second Edition: A Historical Scottish Regency Romance


4.30 (330 ratings)
He intended to ruin her…instead, he fell in love.

Ian’s a vengeful lord.
Notorious for his stern demeanor and inflexible honor, he journeys to London for one purpose—the permanent and irreversible downfall of the siren who caused his brother’s death.

Instead of an immoral seductress, he discovers a soft-spoken, raven-haired beauty. Against all reason, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the last woman in England he could ever love.

Evangeline’s a spirited gypsy lady.
She endures the bon ton’s disdain and numerous indecent propositions with grace and poise. But when a dastardly lord plots her ruination, she’s finished with propriety and politeness.

To make matters worse, he becomes caught in his own snare, forcing them into a marriage neither wants…or do they?

This enemies to lovers tale by a USA Today bestselling author will make you laugh and cry and cheer Ian and Vangie on to their hard-won happily-ever-after.

If you enjoy forced marriage stories with a hint of intrigue, a dash of humor, and emotionally gripping romance then you’ll adore Collette Cameron’s riveting second chance CASTLE BRIDES SERIES. Buy THE VISCOUNT’S VOW for a swoon-worthy tale that will keep you up past your bedtime!

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Though this book can be read as a stand-alone, most readers prefer to read the series in order.

Be sure to check out the Highland Heather Romancing a Scot series, a spin-off of the Castle Brides series. You'll see some familiar characters!

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A forced marriage when she wanted a love match

It’s quite good and long enough to be satisfying. I read a lot of light, fluffy, clean, indie romances. This is more detailed and involved, besides being set in the early 1800’s/Regency Period.

Good characters—Vangie & Ian, along with several others kept me interested. Evangeline (Vangie) and Ian grow and develop well.
Not clean/sweet but all sex is within the bonds of marriage and is not overly graphic. Quite a bit of British cursing. Parts are a little angsty. One instance seemed implausible, but overall it made me interesting in reading more by Collette.
It’s not Christian per se, but there are quite a few references to God and Jesus that are not curses. The Roma are believers, and many of their sayings are paraphrased Scriptures. Their appearance in the story really added to the book.
It does need some more proofreading, enough that I am deducting a 1/2 star.
Genre: medium weight romance—not clean but with good morals 4.5 stars minus .5 star for mechanics issues.

Forever and Always

Really good story. Strong charismatic characters. Easy ready. Twists and surprises. Different cultures come together to make an interesting time. And love... true lasting love... will always prevail.

Seriously A Winner!

Fast paced action and a story that grabs you in the first chapter will keep you up half the night to finish it! This book is seriously a winner! The characters are engaging, the dialogue well written, and the plot twists just keep coming.

Regina L. Publick
Good story, bad editing

Lots of small errors that should have been caught - missing punctuation, missing words such that one would have to re-read carefully to get what the author meant, rather than what was explicitly on the page, syntax & spelling errors. A good story though, good enough to keep reading despite the irritating mistakes that take you out of the story. Will probably read this author again.


*4 1/2 STARS*
A Viscount's revenge for the death of his brother in a duel and his father soon after, backfires when the young lady he sought for revenge, he compromised instead.
Marriage will give him the chance to get closer to instigate his plan. What he didn't count on was losing his heart. Unfortunately something evil is afoot that puts the Viscount and his wife in danger. On the edge of your seat, you won't be able to read this book fast enough.

Kindle Customer

This slightly gothic, mostly melodramatic tale is a page-turner. It has interesting characters and a complex plot. What it does not have, however, is decent editing. Some glaring grammatical and punctuation errors plus a large number of incorrect and misused words detracted from my enjoyment.

Great read.

Really enjoyed the storyline with great descriptions of situation to set the scene. Also thought the characters were well developed and believable. I enjoyed this book and authors style.

Too many cliches

Impossibly beautiful heroine, handsome hero. Wicked stepmother, wicked aunt and uncle. H believes the wrong people, sets out to destroy h. Compromises her, they are forced to marry. He discovers she’s not the lightskirt he thought she was. Numerous attempts on their lives. He leaves h defenseless against wicked stepmother who locks h in a tower. On and on, until the end when wicked stepmother and cohorts meet a well deserved end, H and h are in love and get a hea.