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The Royal's Love: Complete MMF Ménage Royal Romance Series
The Royal's Love: Complete MMF Ménage Royal Romance Series

The Royal's Love: Complete MMF Ménage Royal Romance Series


4.50 (57 ratings)

Get the #1 Bestselling Bisexual Romance that will sweep you off your glass slippers...

Rory is nobody, a lone American backpacking her way through Europe, until her steamy night with the Prince of England accidentally goes viral.

Ben Tolle has always taken his duty as the Prince's bodyguard seriously...even if it means keeping his love a secret.

Prince Roland is ready to escape his Queen mother's overbearing clutches...only to find that the danger that lurks outside the Palace walls is very real...

...And now all three of them are caught in the crosshairs.

This steamy, hilarious, exciting, and heart-melting box sex includes TWO full length novels and TWO exclusive bonus novellas.

In Box Set:
The Royal's Pet (Book 1)
The Royal's Birthday (Book 1.5)
The Royal's Baby (Book 2)
The Royal's Forever (Book 2.5) (BRAND NEW)


The Royal’s Love you will surly love too!!

What a fantastic series! This box set is packed with characters you’re sure to fall in love with, great plots and story lines, and steamy scenes you won’t forget!!

It was pretty good

This was a very sweet set of stories around 3 people in a thruple. Ben was my favorite character and there were often times it seemed that Rory didn’t fit with them at all.

Amazon Customer
Exhilarating read

Adventurous, explosive, heart pounding books. I have read them twice! A perfect example of love in its rare form. Lovely!!!

Fun and irreverent and sexy

So much story packed into this box set. I usually get tired of a couple after the i love your but I really enjoyed this whole series it was witty and smart with a tinge of crazy and nothing too dark or taboo I loved it

Enjoyable series!

The Royal’s Love by Adora Crooks: Enjoyable series!

****The Royal’s Pet #1: good read!
This story is well written with a good pace. Loved the characters, their relationship and the steam between them....

*****The Royal’s Baby #2: Heartwarming and steamy
This series is full of heart, and heat, with relatable characters and a good pace. Maybe a bit too much steam, but always well done.

Love this quote from this series: “It’s better to die regretting the things you’ve done than regretting all the things you were too afraid to do. You have to take what you want while you can.”

Kindle Customer
Royal romance with a twist.

Rory loves adventure and traveling the world, until she meets the Prince and his body guard. Sneaking into the palace was an adventure in its self, but falling in love with them is the real prize.

ZiLlah Raven
Sweet Read

I absolutely loved this story. These characters are wonderful together. Roland, Ben, and Rory are perfect. I grabbed this to read the last story as I have read and reviewed the others. The writing and flow of this book is done well. I absolutely recommend this book.