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The Lost Art of Reverie:
The Lost Art of Reverie:

The Lost Art of Reverie:


4.30 (134 ratings)
An inheritance. A long-forgotten dream. A new life in a spacious place.
Corporate life has not been treating Katie Grace well. Suffering from extreme anxiety due to a recent incident at work, she learns that she has inherited her late grandmother's Victorian house in the lake town of Aveline, in the rolling hills of the Los Padres National Forest. Maybe a new start will be exactly what she needs.

Hardware store owner Sam Grant remembers Katie from when they spent summers together, years before. Sam has determined never to get involved in a relationship again, but working on Katie's house renovations might put that resolve to the test.

In Aveline, Katie allows herself to dream again, finding solace in creating food and a space for her new friends to gather. As members of the town welcome Katie, her heart begins to find safety, but will the events of the past repeat themselves?

Note from the author:

I have always loved romance, and I think love stories are so beautiful. I also love the picture of the small town as a kind of landscape for community. I wanted to write something that reflected the kinds of people I have known all my life. So that is why I wrote about Aveline, a small town that is like the life I have known, with quirky, real, lovable characters who come from many backgrounds and ways of life.

Community, brokenness, kindness, and the love of God in action. Isn't it amazing, how vulnerable we all are? And then we offer food and friendship in the context of houses and cafés and forests... we extend our hands to one another and become family.


Kindle Customer
Don't give up on love for other people

When you have been mistreated and hurt by others, don't let them win by giving up and walking away. God loves you and wants the best for you always. A well written book that explains how to deal with what life can throw at you. Great to read if someone has hurt you in any way.

An enjoyable read

This was a sweet read about learning to trust again after betrayal. I enjoyed the small town setting and the characters within!

Great read!

A story of Burt and forgiveness. A story of new beginnings and reminders of a tragic past. Surprises and love that forsakes all.

Joy Gerdom
It warmed my soul.

I loved this book. It became like a good friend. I learned some new truths about myself through Katie. If you are introspective, if you understand what it's like to grow through pain, you will love this book and it's characters.

Connie L.
The Lost Art of Reverie

Good story of deep hurt and overcoming them or under standing you need to not let them control your whole life. Everyone fails at times but God is always there to comfort and is always trustworthy.

Nena Scheidecker

This story was amazing!! Well written story and loved the characters. It was a good read to bring an excellent story with some good food and forgiveness.

Daydreams....are a pathways of life

Dealing with sudden changes out of a person's control are something we can all relate to. Join the hearts and hurts of a lovely list of characters, brilliantly revealed in this heartwarming revelation that will keep you turning pages! Enjoy!

Disappointed. Title has nothing to do with it

I don't enjoy stories about someone who keeps running away every time anything is not how they want it. The first 3/4 of the book was nice and interesting, and then the main character runs away because she doesn't want to deal with problems