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The Lead Cloak
The Lead Cloak

The Lead Cloak

by and

4.20 (276 ratings)
In the future, privacy is a thing of the past.

"Staggeringly smart… Hanberg's expertly honed storytelling is sleek and fast… [an] entertaining tale." —Kirkus Reviews

Nevada, 2081. Colonel Byron Shaw safeguards the world’s innermost secrets. From a control center in Area 51, he monitors the expansive surveillance system that once saved him certain death at the hands of ruthless kidnappers. But not everyone trusts technology that peers through strangers’ eyes, so it’s no shock when a guerrilla attack nearly wipes out the network and spills his blood.

Tasked with tracking down the terrorist cell, Byron sets off on a globe-spanning chase that brings him to the outer edge of Earth’s atmosphere. But as he infiltrates their ranks, a growing suspicion about the system that preserved his own life could sabotage civilization.

Torn between duty and doubt, one man’s decision could rewire humanity’s future.

The Lead Cloak is a tech-savvy sci-fi adventure novel. If you like high-stakes action, thought-provoking dystopian themes, and gripping twists, then you’ll love Erik Hanberg’s cerebral page-turner.


Tracking Thoughts

Had to be a bad idea, right? Or might it be good? You could catch all sorts of criminals, if you knew which ones to track…

Jeri C. Hastings
It was good

But of a slow read. Interesting but not rivet. ing I think not is worth the time investment. It is a make you think kind of book

A. Hay
The Ending Spoiled the Book

I would have given this book a 4- star rating except for the ending. The premise was original and interesting. This was a book about advanced technology, and the benefits/negatives it produced. Should it be allowed to continue? Some thought yes, some no. The main story evolves around a group that wishes to destroy it. This group seemed to be intelligent people yet they were surprised at their own results. This was so out of character. This group should have known what the outcome of their actions would be. A total let down that they would not have thought more carefully about the consequences, making the end of the book unbelievable. And although this book could be a stand alone it also was carefully written to guide you into book two. For me it convinced me that I wouldn’t bother with the next book.

Dawn Helm
What does the future hold?

A good futuristic book. While the technology does not exist YET it is not hard to imagine in the near future.

Kindle Customer
The thought police are really there

Or maybe, here? A startling look at how other people could view your innermost thoughts and fantasies. Can you be jailed for just thinking about it? Absolutely!

Good Adventure, Silly Sci-Fi

The plot and ensuing adventures were interesting, but the "science" behind it all was a little silly. Quantum entanglement may be a real phenomenon, but to say that it allows people to jump into another person's mind or to travel around the universe in zero time is somewhat ludicrous. But, if you ignore this aspect of the story, the plot line is pretty good. At least it got me to finish the entire book.

Amazon Customer

SCIFI, to modem

Excellent book about life without power...

Well written with a very interesting storyline, that just moves right along. You are just waiting for the next thing to happen.
Definitely something to be read right now, just in case a little lifestyle evaluation is being considered. This is a keeper!!