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The Lady's Guide to a Highlander's Heart
The Lady's Guide to a Highlander's Heart

The Lady's Guide to a Highlander's Heart


4.70 (86 ratings)
What happens when passion burns as fiercely as her desire for revenge?
Upon the night a knife is plunged into her father's heart, headstrong Flora Dalreagh flees the forbidding warrior to whom she has been hastily wed.

With eyes dark as midnight and a soul carved from savage steel, her fearsome betrothed seems to care nothing for his bride--only for the lands and title their marriage brings.

Years later, swearing revenge, Flora enters his domain in disguise. never expecting passion to burn as fiercely as her hunger for justice. Though she vows to surrender neither her body nor her heart, she is soon enslaved by conflicting desires.

Meanwhile, the castle walls are steeped in treachery, and her brutal warrior hides a dark secret of his own--a secret which threatens not only the fragile love between him and his bride but the very future of the Clan Dalreagh.

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Heat Level: passionate


T. Ross
The perfect Highlander for the lassie!

Calder was promised the betrothal to Flora when his father died. Now, Malcolm Dalreagh has pledged his daughter to Ragnall Dalreagh instead so both clans can come together, better able to protect their lands. The very night that Ragnall and Flora are handfasted, Malcolm is murdered in his bed. Flora hears the bells playing and follows them to the bedchamber of her father where she finds him with his own dirge in his chest. Flora immediately decides it was Ragnar who did the dirty deed and she vows revenge. She takes the dirge and runs to her rooms where she wakes up her maid, Maggie, to tell her what she thinks has happened. Flora and Maggie flee to the croft of her cousin where Flora becomes Florrie. This is a beautiful and steamy romance story for 18+ adults. Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Emmanuelle's Highlander and Viking romances are my favorites!

This book is full of mystery, danger, revenge and passion. Flora and Ragnall were wed 2 years ago when she was very young. She is now back to avenge the murder of her father. But mayhap was she wrong about who is responsible? Could she possibly build a future with this man, her husband, after all? I loved that Flora and Ragnall were eventually able to learn to trust each other, to find justice for her father and make peace with each other.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book.

Anonymous Big
Another wonderful book from this author!

I love this author's body of work, some are very dark and mysterious, some are less..."Gothic", I suppose, but still very wonderful. This book took place in Scotland, not the first of hers I've read that do so but the first I've read that was solidly based in a Scottish clan from back in the day. Though I am no historian, I thought the book marvelously portrayed how the clan members' lives would have really been like, something I never had the chance to see in other works of hers I've read. She's got range! Of course this book has an intriguing and suspenseful plot, with a full scoop of romance. Really enjoyed this book, can't wait to read future books in this series!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Patty M Mele
I Liked This Book

I got this book thru an ARC, Advanced Review Copy with an honest review given freely.

I thought this was a good book as the storyline was great and the charceter were fantastic. Would read more from this author.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Great read

I thought that the plot of the story was very well written. I cannot wait to try another book by the author. I enjoyed this author. Great story.

I received an advance review copy for free, and i am leaving this review voluntarily.

Maid and a Laird

Flora Dalreagh runs away after she finds her father murdered in his bed, on the same day she married Ragnall, Laird of Balmore (the man who will become Laird of Dunrannoch now). She conceals who she is for almost 2 years and finds herself in the same castle as the man she thinks murdered her father. She is concealed as a maid but that doesn't stop Ragnall from noticing her and wanting to make her his. Misunderstandings and desires fight with each other. People who Flora thought she could trust, she can't. Can Ragnall and Flora make their marriage work, or will outside factors keep them apart. It kept me wondering what would happen next. I really enjoyed this book

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review


Flora is betrothed and her father is murdered, she assumes it is her betrothed. She runs away and comes back two years later to exact revenge. This is a wonderfully written story of coming of age, revenge, enlightenment, and love. The characters were wonderful and their interaction with each other was great. The way Flora evolved and had grown up and seeing things through a more realistic and mature way. Ragnall was wonderful and may have been holding back also. This book has intrigue, secrets, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. This is an amazing story with fantastic characters.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Rhonda Hicks
left me sighing by the end

I'm going on the assumption you've not read any of Emmanuelle DeMaupassant's books if you're reading through reviews because if you had, you'd already know she has a gift of bringing a story to life with characters full of flaws, personality, a conviction in their beliefs, and undying loyalty to those they love. Speaking of love, when these characters find their own love it becomes awe-inspiring. That's how it is between Ragnall and Flora. All the drama, a murder, the whodunit, the treachery, and then you have the flirtation, the unexpected chemistry, the secrets, and finally the acknowledgment of what is right. It's a beautiful storyline that absolutely left me sighing by the end. I proudly recommend this book.

Lorna G
A good read

The characters are lifelike and the plot is interesting. The plot conveys Flora and the laird as human. The laird's understanding of Flora's desire for revenge situates him as a strong man in touch with his emotions. A good read!

h l liptak
Terrible, violent porn

Not only that but it isn't even well written. I am embarrassed to have it on my device and am deleting it immediately.


I had read this one a whole back but it was under another name. Why do publishers do that?? But this was a good story with strong characters. Easy read.

Kindle Customer
Good read

I figured who the bad man was before revealed. It was still a good read as it was different than others I have read.

Great Historical romance

I enjoyed this book. I have ancestors from Scotland and England but I don't know any of their stories at all.

Amazon Customer
The Lady’s Guide to a Highlander’s Heart

Emmanuelle’s ideas on how to write a story are certainly unique! This is a very different type of novel than I have read in the past, but again, it is interesting.

Debbie O.
Terror in the highlands

I really loved this book. It was a quick read and had twists and turns to keep me enjoying it. With strong characters and a love story that may have not been keeps the reader engaged.Enjoy!

Cindy G
4.5 stars - Flora and Ragnall

A historical romance with some suspense and is an enemies to lovers tale.

This book depicts the limitations women faced in the 12th century. It is a tale of the Dalreagh clan in Scotland and eventually the beginnings of a handbook titled "The Lady's Guide" which is added to and passed from mother to daughter.

Flora has been betrothed to a distant second cousin/stepbrother, Calden. Then her father, Malcolm, breaks the betrothal and handfasts her to another distant second cousin, Ragnall. This is done to create an alliance between the clans for greater strength and to reconnect what was broken apart years ago. Flora finds her father murdered and suspects it's Ragnall grasping for more power. What does she do? What vow does she make? Is she successful? Who is the true calprit?

An entertaining story of an intelligent woman who uses her heart as well as her brain to guide her. And a perceptive man whose past molds him to use his brain and heart as well as his strength and a sense of fairness.