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The Highlander's Lady
The Highlander's Lady

The Highlander's Lady


4.00 (15 ratings)
Highland borders offer treachery and love...

Olivia Smythe is the daughter of an English earl and a Scottish woman. He has decided that his half-Scottish daughter should go to the Highlands for her own safety to avoid the border skirmishes that plague their area. He’s also pledged her hand to a cruel Englishman.

Laird Boyd MacPherson has no idea the Englishwoman he’s saved from cutthroats is the cousin of a Highland laird. He has no idea the courage and wherewithal that this young half-Scot can muster. He is quick to find out when she runs away and seeks to hide from her betrothed and the rest of the world. Boyd turns the Highlands upside down looking for her, only to find her in the least likely of places.