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The French Fraud: Cozy Mystery
The French Fraud: Cozy Mystery

The French Fraud: Cozy Mystery

by and

4.70 (85 ratings)

When making a fresh start, try to avoid finding bodies in the forest.
If the worst happens, and you stumble upon a crime scene, do not get personally involved with the subsequent police investigation.
Especially if you’re a fake psychic who already knows too much about the murder.
All Justine French wants to do is forget she ever used the word ‘psychic’ to describe her extraordinary powers of observation. Unfortunately, it’s the only word on the mind of the man who has been sent to expose her as a fraud.

And there’s no limit to how far he’ll go to get the job done.

To make matters worse, when she reveals one too many details about the murdered man covered in mushrooms that she found in the forest, she risks ending up on the wrong side of the law.

Settling down in a quiet little French town and starting her therapy business will have to wait until the murder has been solved, but when the gendarmes choose an easy confession over a proper investigation, it looks like justice won’t be done.

Someone’s got to solve this murder.

One last mystery can't hurt... can it?

This is the first book in a funny and uplifting cozy mystery series set in France. If you love quirky British sleuths, laugh out loud drama, and clever crimes, you will love the Justine French Mysteries!

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