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The Farmer's Slaughter
The Farmer's Slaughter

The Farmer's Slaughter

by and

4.40 (466 ratings)

The Texas Hill Country promises to be anything but ordinary when bestselling mystery writer, Agatha Harley, begins researching her next novel. What she doesn't expect is for her research to lead her to her newly retired neighbor, Hank Davidson. She recognizes a cop when she sees one, and Hank doesn't look like her idea of retired, despite the black socks, sandals, and manicured lawn.

Hank needs a place to forget his past, but Agatha needs his past to secure her future.

As an FBI trained profiler, Hank Davidson sees right through most people. But Agatha isn’t most people. She's as seasoned as any cop he knows and just as mouthy. It doesn't take long for him to get caught up in the cold case Agatha's using for research, but small town roots run deep, and loose lips will tell you anything you want to know--except who the killer is.

Book 1 - The Farmer’s Slaughter
Book 2 - A Tisket A Casket
Book 3 - I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus
Book 4 - Get Your Murder Running
Book 5 - Deceased and Desist
Book 6 - Malice In Wonderland
Book 7 - Tequila Mockingbird
Book 8 - Gone With the Sin
Book 9 - Grime and Punishment 
Book 10 - Blazing Rattles 
Book 11 - A Salt and Battery
Book 12 - Curl Up And Dye 
Book 13 - First Comes Death, Then Comes Marriage