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The Earl's Charitable Lady
The Earl's Charitable Lady

The Earl's Charitable Lady


4.30 (17 ratings)

The British Isles are wracked by war, famine and suffering. Humanity, charity and empathy towards fellow man were scarce, especially in the icy squares and frozen alleys of London.

Beth Seymour was an anomaly of the times and that is why she removed the naked newborn boy from his deathly cold mother's chest and gave him a new life in her father's house. She sets out to prove that she can have all that London's high society holds precious while still being a charitable and benevolent participant in lesser society.

Lord Acton, the eldest son of the Duke of Salisbury, is a war hero. His parents are delighted that he has proved himself on the field, now they feel he has to prove himself at home, by finding a wife.

The lady that takes his fancy, non-other than Beth Seymour, yet she proves evasive as he pursues her. Lord Acton, can’t understand her, she gets close and then takes a step back. Will the secret she is hiding ever be revealed? If it does, can his Lordship ever accept it?


Sweet and clean romance

This was such a sweet and clean story. Beth and David are great together. I hope to read more by this author.

N. Dexter
Family Love

The story flows easily keeping the readers attention. I thank the e author for a suspense full story free of bad language and sex related episodes to tell a story. I will look for more stories by this author.

sweet light easy to read book

good book ~ good story

The Earl 's Charitable Lady

Very enjoyable read! Story line was well written. Characters were filled with integrity and virtue. So refreshing to be able to read an entire book without vulgarity and violence!

sonia Serra
A lovely story to read

What an inspiring story. I love the way the family stood by Bath in her decision to keep the poor orphan and raised him as their own. There is great unconditional love in this story. Excellent read!

Kindle Customer
Clean love story

This is a short love story filled with not only David and Beth's love for each other but their love for an orphan as well. I enjoyed reading about their growing relationship and respect for each other. A good clean read.

Kindle Customer

This was such a lovely and loving story. David and Beth were a match made in heaven,
just perfect for each other and their story was beautiful to read. Thank you

JoAnn Baker
Loved book number two!!!

Another delightful book!! This is number two of your wonderful books!! I am looking forward to reading more about the characters you have made to come alive in your books!! Keep them coming!!