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The Dragon Hunter and the Mage
The Dragon Hunter and the Mage

The Dragon Hunter and the Mage


4.40 (257 ratings)
Magic will make you invincible. If it doesn’t kill you first...
They call him the Half-Prince. And he has always heard their sneers behind his back. Being the Emperor’s stepson isn’t easy. Locked away in the servant’s wing, Aric is rarely allowed to see his mother, the Empress. And never, in any case, should he even look at his half-brother, the Prince. As the rest of the Imperial family feasts in the great halls of the palace, Aric watches from afar, dreaming of the life he should’ve had. If only he had the power to set himself free…
It landed at his feet with a thump. Fallen out of nowhere. Aric knew what it was before he even opened its pages – A Manual of Magic. But does he possess the Magical Talent? Even trying to find out could send him to the gallows, and in the Imperial Citadel, someone is always watching.
If you like a good twist, magical world-building, and adventure, then you’ll love this spellbinding tale.