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Ten Secrets to Overcoming Stage Fright: Brought to You by the Most Persnickety Angel in Heaven
Ten Secrets to Overcoming Stage Fright: Brought to You by the Most Persnickety Angel in Heaven

Ten Secrets to Overcoming Stage Fright: Brought to You by the Most Persnickety Angel in Heaven


5.00 (20 ratings)

If you struggle with public speaking, or simply interpersonal communication, this is your book!

Janice Dean’s powerful, entertaining, and cleverly written parable takes the fear out of public speaking and replaces it with practical techniques.

Whether you are making a toast at a wedding, giving your first presentation in front of an audience, or a CEO of a major corporation, the techniques you will learn will banish your fears of public speaking forever.

Indispensable advice is presented through a story about former world-renowned opera director, Maestro Albert Snow, who findshimself assigned to the mailroom in the first level of Heaven. And quickly realizes—Heaven is not all he thought it would be.

When his persnickety determination to take charge threatens to keep him there for all eternity, he strikes a deal with St. Michael and is given a series of nine missions. But here’s the catch …he is transported to Earth with no inkling of the problems he’s expected to solve or even his earthly identity.

Along the way he meets everyday people held back by the fear of public speaking. With each mission he shows them how to conquer their fears so they can share their unique gifts with the world.

With Maestro Snow’s signature touch of brilliance, creativity and confidence, he overcomes each increasingly difficult mission only to become lost and unhinged in his final mission.

Captivating from the very start with a stand-up- and-cheer ending. This book is a winner!


Heather B.
Refreshingly Different

When I saw the title, I knew I needed to read this book. Fear has been my greatest hindrance in my ambitions. What I didn't expect was the way this advice would be delivered. I honestly expected something dry and almost an instruction manual of sorts. What I got instead was a cute, fun story that delivered that information in a subtle manner complete with examples. Follow Albert Snow as he works his way up heaven's ranks by helping characters in relatable situations over come their fears and reach their goals. Useful tips AND entertainment? It's a great way to make what you've learned stick.

Russ Packham
Stories Provide Context And Help Us Remember

When looking at the top 10 most common phobias, fear of public speaking (stage fright) ranks number 1, right behind fear of dying. People would rather die than speak in front of a group of other people. Yet, we see people overcome that fear everyday. How do they do it? What are their secrets?

This book will reveal some great tips and secrets to help you overcome this phobia and get it off your phobia list. And it does so in an entertaining and memorable way. It doesn't just provide you with a checklist of things to do or avoid, it does it via a series of events and stories that provide context so the ideas will stay with you long after you have finished reading.

Janice Dean has accomplished what other books have not. She provides a glimpse into the minds of people faced with stage fright and the help provided by their guiding angel. An excellent book!

Amazon Customer
Great book, Very helpful!

Love the author’s style of writing. Very helpful and encouraging to beat stage fright.

Entertaining and insightful

This book captivates you and pulls you in. It helps you understand how to believe and trust yourself. Your true self. We don't need to hide behind a mask. Janice shows us that we can be happy when we get rid of the mask and conquer our fear.

Practical advice to crush your fright

This book acknowledges the very real fear of stage fright/public speaking and provides truly helpful advice for overcoming these concerns with relatable examples and techniques. Excellent!!!!

Martha Tween
So engaging that it takes a lot of will to put it down even for a minute.

This book is so engaging and enlightening that you learn as you immerse yourself in the reading without even noticing you are not just inside the story but you are getting gems of information in the background of your mind. It is a wonderful guide and a work of art in storytelling woven into a neat package. The result is a guide to overcome one of the most common fears we share as humans and the story is memorable to accompany us precisely when we need that information the most.

Holly Slaughter
Your Stage Fright Doesn't Stand a Chance!

Janice Dean’s book is a must-read for anyone who is even partially paralyzed by the fear of public speaking. Her “ten secrets” to overcoming stage fright are cleverly revealed in a delightfully entertaining story involving everyday, relatable situations. Brilliant!

Carl E Cox
The gift within me, is to be shared with others!

A delightful light hearted read on, life purpose. My life is a gift that impacts each individual I come in contact with. Inspite of my fear my gift is to be shared. What is in me is for others not my selfish self. What I have been given, will speak to someone!