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Tempting Juliana
Tempting Juliana

Tempting Juliana


4.50 (359 ratings)

♥  A meddling matchmaker
♥  A glamorous makeover
♥  A sensational London Season
♥  A love triangle (well, make that a love square)
♥  Steamy romance!Another sparkling Regency romance featuring New York Times bestselling author Lauren Royal’s “outrageously funny, loyal, compassionate, and unconventional” Chase family!Lady Juliana Chase wants nothing more than to see everyone around her happy. That’s why she takes such pleasure in playing matchmaker. Her latest efforts involve her good friend Amanda and Dr. James Trevor, the Earl of Stafford, who are absolutely perfect for each other. So why on earth is the handsome physician ignoring Juliana’s good intentions and ruining her carefully laid plans?After losing his wife, James buried himself in his work, opening a clinic to vaccinate London’s poor against smallpox. The last thing he wants is to fall for another woman. So when Juliana meddles with his love life, he’s surprised to find himself smitten—but not with Amanda. Now he must turn the tables and beat Juliana at her own game, or risk losing the determined beauty who has reawakened his desires and captured his heart...Book DetailsA complete, standalone story—no cliffhangers!Series: Chase Family Series: The Regency, Book 2
Style: Humorous historical romance
Length: 106,000 words (about 424 standard pages)
Bonus Material: Author’s Note, preview of next book, link to giveaway
R-rated Content: Steamy love scenes!** If you’d prefer to read a Sweet & Clean (kisses-only) version of this story, look for “Juliana” by Lauren Royal & Devon Royal.Awards• Top 10 Bestseller on Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble!
• Winner of the Book Buyers Best Award (judged by the head merchandise buyer for Borders Books), the Booksellers' Best Award, and the Beacon Award!
• Nominated for the Reviewer's Choice Award and finalist for the Golden Quill Award!Reviews“A captivating historical romance. Fans of Julia Quinn and Tessa Dare will love Lauren Royal!”
—Glynnis Campbell, USA Today Bestselling Author“…a light, adorable Emma-style romance destined to delight anyone looking for a witty, engaging plotline and utterly delightful characters who get caught in meddling, madness, and mayhem on the way to a happy ending.”
Romantic TimesConnecting BooksWhile Tempting Juliana can be read as a stand-alone novel, many readers enjoy reading it as part of a series. All of Lauren's books feature Chase family members. Should you wish to read them in chronological order, this is the sequence:Chase Family Series
1666 - When an Earl Meets a Girl (Colin & Amy)
1667 - How to Undress a Marquess (Jason & Caithren)
1667 - If You Dared to Love a Laird (Cameron & Clarice)
1668 - A Duke’s Guide to Seducing His Bride (Trick & Kendra)
1673 - Never Doubt a Viscount (Ford & Violet)
1677 - The Scandal of Lord Randal (Rand & Lily)
1677 - A Gentleman’s Plot to Tie the Knot (Kit & Rose)
1651 - A Secret Christmas (Joseph & Chrystabel)
1688 - A Chase Family Christmas (A Family Reunion)Chase Family Series: The Regency
1815 - Tempt Me at Midnight (Tristan & Alexandra)
1816 - Tempting Juliana (James & Juliana)
1817 - The Art of Temptation (Sean & Corinna + Griffin & Rachael)Specially Priced Boxed Sets
Chase Family Series: Collection One
Chase Family Series: Collection Two
Chase Family Series: The Regency Collection


I’ve lived a thousand lives

It’s a good and easy story. I felt it was a bit drawn out at times but it was mostly entertaining. Stand-alone with hfn, no cliffhanger

Fun and cute

Not my favorite Chase novel but it was fun to read. I liked Juliana a lot, I just thought the supporting characters were kind of boring. Can't wait for Griffin and Rachael.

Well-written; female protagonist not my favorite

Although I stayed up nearly all night to finish this book in one go, I can’t say it’s my favorite. The male protagonist is wonderfully seductive and good humored. The female protagonist is too much of a meddler, busybody for me to want to spend much time with her. She’s a sweet person but is rather dense as she’s so focused on status that she forgets what’s really important until the disaster that nearly ruins the HEA. So her character arc is well done, but it was still annoying waiting for her to figure out her heart. There are other characters mentioned, but they are loosely sketched.

The setting details are fantastic. There are sufficient plot details dropped along the way for the ending of this book to be satisfying and not too hokey. The editing is excellent so the story is immersive (no distracting errors). I recommend this book to readers who appreciate hand-sewing, match-making, and baking.

Persistent James

This is book #2 in the Regency series and again a little silly, mostly on the part of the h. James (H) is a widower and has decided to dedicating himself to being a physician even though he is a a reluctant Earl. He has lost most of his family members and therefore inherited the earldom much to his dismay and sadness. He has also lost his wife & child in childbirth therefore making him determined not to marry again. Enter the (h) who is an meddling matchmaker who has decided that the earl is right for her friend Amanda. She has her sights on a duke and thus, the mayhem ensues. This book is a light romp but underneath has a reminder that small pox was rampant in this time period and our H is doing his best, singlehanded I might add, to wipe out the disease among the poor and unfortunate by volunteering his time, money and expertise to the cause. That alone makes him a very standup guy IMO, it is a shame that it takes our h practically the whole book to realize that. It is a fun story but as I said a little silly but still a worthy read. Moving on to the next one. 3 1/2 stars

Tempting Juliana

Ms Royal's stories are always good. She seems to have well researched peripheral information or descriptions thAt are folded into the story to add to the setting.

Tracy B. Smith
Not a bad read

Tempting Juliana (Regency Chase Family Series, Book 2) is not a bad read. I typically love books by Lauren Royal. I think, along with other reviewers, that this one didn't quite gel as it should have though. The descriptions throughout the book were quite good and give the reader a vivid image of the surroundings.
I think Juliana did meddle a bit too much, she was fairly clueless about the Duke and not very introspective. However, she did have several redeeming qualities that helped the character stay likable.
I did like the character of Emily. She was pretty cute and very enjoyable.
The Duke is quite likable. And patient!
Again, maybe not her best but not a bad read for a rainy day.
There is sex but it's not too much and too intense.

Seriously good

I had to laugh a lot at Juliana’s attempts in meddling. Bless her heart. What a mess but then it all turned to be just the best. Life is funny sometimes but well worth the ups and downs.


Excellent Book. Enjoyed Greatly.