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Target Viper
Target Viper

Target Viper


4.40 (221 ratings)

CIA gun for hire Avery returns to face off against his deadliest enemy yet in this second action-packed thriller that explores the dark nexus between transnational crime and terrorism.

In the aftermath of a cross-border military raid in Venezuela, a new threat quickly emerges. A highly placed intel source has revealed that a rogue international terrorist called the Viper has acquired a cache of man-portable surface-to-air missiles and has set out to target civilian airliners across the United States.

Following the Viper's trail will take Avery to the darkest corners of Colombia's ongoing insurgency and force him to question his own sense of morality and justice.

Accompanied by DEA agents, NSA cyber-trackers, and Colombian special ops troops, Avery will pursue his quarry from terrorist camps hidden deep inside the tropical rain forest, to the luxury hotels of Panama City, to Colombia’s most brutal prison, through the slums of gang-infested cities, and to the covert drug smuggling routes beneath the US-Mexican border for a final, violent confrontation with the Viper.