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A Cold Case In Spell
A Cold Case In Spell

A Cold Case In Spell


4.30 (190 ratings)
Charming Springs - Where every day is colder than a witch’s kitty!
After ditching her cheating fiancé, Indie Warren hits the road in her trusty old truck, refusing to settle for anyone or anywhere.

But all that changes after Indie gets stuck in the frozen ghost town of Charming Springs, North Carolina.

In the middle of July.

This secret magical town was struck by a curse that brought on eternal winter and cast a barrier around it with no way in or out.

And Indie knows this because the talking owl told her so, obviously.

Suddenly Indie’s thrown into a world of magic, mayhem, and murder. And when she stands accused of the deadly deed, she’ll have to use her wits to prove her innocence… if she can keep her newfound magical powers under control!

Even with the help of her feathered friend and the mysterious reaper with his own secrets, she’ll need to find her own way out of this cursed place—dead or alive.

A Cold Case In Spell (Ice Witch Mysteries, book 1) is a lighthearted paranormal cozy mystery. Find out what happens next!


Kindle Customer
Quick fun read

I liked the characters and the story line. This book was a quick read. There wasn't any heavy reading and the main character was 26 but acted about 15. The book kept me interested but the book didn't have enough grit for me to continue the series.

Susan Case
Mystery, murder, witchcraft

All the things I enjoy reading. Who could ask for more? Goldie is my favorite talking bird. Thank you so much.

Ramona L. Hayes
A cold case in spell

Great story. The characters and story line is fun. I’m reading book 2 now and the main character is getting it together

Kindle Customer
A cold case in spell

The author set up a good story line. It took a while for me to distinguish each character and focus on their place in the community. There were enough wrong words (as if a spell checker selected the wrong word) to be noticeable. Overall, I found the story to be interesting enough for me to want to continue reading this series.

Kindle Customer

Couldn't finish this, took too long to get going. I lost interest and skipped to the end. Pretty par for the course.

Great book

I really love this author.I have not been able to put her books down.I'm reading one after another.Each series are so good.

Trapped in a magic town

If only magicals can find the town how did she accidentally get here. Who and what is Ash? Lots of confusion and unanswered questions.

Rebecca Walker
Great fun

Well defined characters with a sense of humor. Good escapist reading! Charming Springs has enough drama and magic to keep you entertained.