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Sweet Beginnings: A Candle Beach Novel
Sweet Beginnings: A Candle Beach Novel

Sweet Beginnings: A Candle Beach Novel


4.40 (1 ratings)
A life-changing inheritance...but not in the way she expects.

Dahlia thought settling her aunt’s estate in the seaside town where she’d spent her childhood summers would be easy – a one- or two-day job at the most. Discovering that she’s inherited a crumbling house and a failing bookstore puts a wrench in that plan.

With a nasty trustee who is determined to keep her from selling her inheritance, and Garrett, a handsome neighbor who challenges her at every step, Dahlia doesn’t expect to have a future there.

However, Candle Beach grows on her and she sees transformations in herself that she didn’t expect. With happy memories everywhere she turns, her friends begging her to stay, and a developing attraction to Garrett, could Aunt Ruth’s bequest be the key to Dahlia’s happily-ever-after?

To begin your vacation to the enchanting seaside town of Candle Beach, grab your copy of Sweet Beginnings now!

After you’ve read Sweet Beginnings, you’ll probably want to stay in Candle Beach for a while. Continue the series to find out how each of the women in a circle of friends navigates life, relationships and their own dreams for the future.

Book 1: Sweet Beginnings – Dahlia's story
Book 2: Sweet Success – Gretchen's story
Book 3: Sweet Promises – Maggie's story
Book 4: Sweet Memories – Angel’s story
Book 5: Sweet History – Charlotte's story
Book 6: Sweet Matchmaking – Sarah's story
Book 7: Sweet Surprises – Maura's story
Book 8: Sweet Sacrifices – Amelia's story