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Summer Heat: A Storm Inside Novel
Summer Heat: A Storm Inside Novel

Summer Heat: A Storm Inside Novel


4.50 (263 ratings)

Can baseball’s bitterest feud become its greatest love story?

A long time ago I fell in love with the wrong man. Wrong because there was no chance we could ever be together. Roman St. James was off limits. Forbidden. The enemy.

Except the Daniels-St. James feud isn’t my feud and it most certainly isn’t Roman’s. He’s nothing like his father. And while the rivalry between our families is one of the most famous in all of baseball, I couldn’t help myself. One smile turned into one date, and one date turned into so much more.

Of course it was a disaster. And now, five years later, I can still barely bring myself to think about what could have been.

Until one night in a locker room changes everything…

*Summer Heat is a stand alone novel in The Storm Inside series.


Kindle Customer
Maybe it was

Just me but there were parts that seemed very immature. I especially liked the way the H opened his his heart to the h, in the locker room. Left him very vulnerable if she wanted to come back and use it again him. There were several parts, where the H acted so mature and wise. Then other times everyone acted like they were in middle school! I'll let everyone decide for themselves.

D.M. Worthen

This book was awesome. I couldn't put it down. I read it straight through. This was my first book by this author but it definitely won't be my last.


Very good read kept me interested. The ending didn't seem right though, it seemed like it was missing something. Needed to be more dramatic.

Susan Fettig
Great , fun read

What a fun read. It was a great book all around, great storyline, great characters, fun banter. I highly recommend this book.


They are adorable but the family feud aspect rubbed me the wrong way. There is nothing harder than having to choose between family and anything even love.

Kindle Customer

It was a good storyline, one that i would have enjoyed better if it did not keep jumping between the past and present every other chapter. I will be getting immersed in Roman's and June current situation and the problems they were facing, when the author decided to transport me back to five years back. Really broke my train of thoughts and made me enjoy the book a little bit lesser.

Read Me Romance
Enemies-to-Lovers and Second Chances! Loved the Hero and Heroine!

Summer Heat is a full-length sports romance in the Wild Pitch series. It is a standalone and the first book of a series that features interconnected couples that each find love. This is my first book by Alexis Anne and I was pleasantly surprised. I was in the mood for a romance and this enemies-to-lovers and second chance romance kept my interest as well as me swooning the entire time.

It features Roman St. James who grew up in the shadow of his professional baseball father, George, who endured a career ending injury inflicted accidently by our heroine’s father many years ago. To say Roman’s dad was bitter is putting it mildly. That man could hold a grudge like no other and sadly, took his belligerence out on his son who was only trying to make him proud by following in his career path.

I loved Roman from the start. The book goes back and forth between five years ago and the present to give the reader a peek into how he met June Daniels in college, how their relationship began, and why they couldn’t be together. But over time, as Roman matured and his career path took an unexpected turn, he was steadfast to correct the biggest mistake of his past and that was letting June go.

Roman loved her fiercely and the words he spoke were beautiful, raw, and real. He put his heart on the line repeatedly and loved June unconditionally. His efforts paid off because June returned his feelings, and the second half of this book is filled with angst and drama as they both try to get their families on board with their union. These two were meant to be and I loved strong, smart, and compassionate June was.

I loved Alexis’ writing style, the pace of the book, and the character development. I loved the moral code of both our hero and heroine and how they lifted each other up. There’s plenty of steam as these two share amazing chemistry, and plenty of tears as this book was often emotional.

Summer Heat was offered FREE when I downloaded it, and is a standalone, and I encourage you to read it as it had all the feels! I immediately purchased the next two books in the series.

Love Wins

I was unable to put this book down! It is an incredible story that will keep you on the edge of your chair. You will not want to put it down! The characters are unforgettable!

Beautiful story

This story really got to me. The family dynamics and characters resonated with me and was so engaging that I had difficulty putting it down. I recommend this highly.