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Dead In The Dining Room
Dead In The Dining Room

Dead In The Dining Room


4.40 (284 ratings)
The butler did it.... or did he?

A classic whodunit with a clever senior sleuth and mystery solving cats set in a manor house.

When the patriarch of Moorecliff Manor drops dead at dinner, it’s up to Aunt Araminta and her Siamese cats Arun and Sasha to uncover the identity of the killer. It will be no easy task, as there is no shortage of suspects... including the butler.

But Araminta soon finds herself with more questions than answers. What was the mysterious phone call about? Who has been removing heirlooms and why? How did they manage to get poison into Archie’s dinner and not poison everyone at the table? Who was the mystery man that Daisy met in the garden? And why does Harold, the butler, never answer the door?

As Araminta and the cats follow the clues, it becomes clear that she will have a hard decision to make because the clues are pointing in one unmistakable direction - someone in the Moorecliff family is a cold-blooded killer.


Fun light read

This was a quick fun read. Enjoyed the main character. The plot was fairly well done. Enjoyable and will read more of the series

Lisa DeChiara
It's a fun read

I always think the cats finding was to communicate with their human and the conversations they have with each other is cute.

Lovely quick read

I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the rest in the series. There was a name mix up in one of the chapters, but overall well written. I loved that the author had cats help solve the mystery.

C. Smith, OKC
Love Arun and Sasha

A light read, but it has a really cute entertaining story line. I can't wait to read the next one!

Cats are intuitive, if humans catch on

Moorecliff Manor is the new venue for a mystery, and a murder. There are lots of new characters to enjoy anx I look forward to the next installment

Kindle Customer
A very good first volume for a new series; I love the two cats!!

This book was about finding the murderer of Archie, who had a heart condition thus the police assuming that was the cause of his death. Enter the two Siamese cats who started digging up clues and then there were all kinds of suspects to be the killer. It was an enjoyable book and am looking forward to reading the next one.

Roberta Lenski
Pass the syrup

The story is much too predictable, high class, and syrupy. My blood sugar level cannot possibly handle a second volume.

Dead in the Dining Room

Interesting story line. It didn't hold my attention as well as other books by Leigh ann Dobbs. Hard to relate to such rich people