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Steal the Demon: A Science-Fiction Novella
Steal the Demon: A Science-Fiction Novella

Steal the Demon: A Science-Fiction Novella


4.40 (3 ratings)

For a score this stellar, who wouldn’t break a few rules?

As an ace pilot (and occasional smuggler) at her father’s shipping company, Kimiko Yanaka’s life was good. Until the ruthless Corporate Confederation swooped in and sent her father off to the Callisto mines for smuggling, that is. Forced out of the pilot’s seat, Kimiko soon found herself blacklisted from every gig she could find and rapidly running out of creds. For one of the system’s top pilots, that’s a fate worse than getting spaced. But to get back behind the stick, she realizes that she’ll need her own ship. And the only way she’s gonna get one is to steal it. Never one for half-measures, she’s determined to steal not just any ship, but a top-of-the-line, fast-courier class Shaitan.

When she finds an unexpected ally in the notorious hacker Paradox, Kimiko turns from pilot to thief, intent on sneaking her way into the Al-Zamani Shipyard, in orbit around 511 Davida. The system’s top-rated shipbuilder was considered impossible to infiltrate, protected by a scrupulous AI and its army of Security Bots. But Kimiko’s got Paradox watching her six, and is willing to try just about anything.

Part cosmic heist, part sci-fi thriller, this gravity-defying tale will have you floating off the edge of your seat from the beginning to its explosive end!