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Stalked in Paradise: A Destination Death Mystery
Stalked in Paradise: A Destination Death Mystery

Stalked in Paradise: A Destination Death Mystery


4.20 (39 ratings)

Harriet Monroe needs to get away from her fiancé-turned-jailer. Taking her dream job as Public Relations Director for the exclusive Island Resort seems like the perfect answer to her problem, but things go horribly wrong when Harriet discovers a dead body only hours after her arrival on the beautiful island.Worse luck, the dead man turns out to be her ex. The news media loves it. Harriet, not so much. Not even settled into her office and she’s already bringing bad PR to the resort.Not an ideal way to start a new job. Trying to impress her new boss while suspected of murder makes settling in to the job next to impossible. Harriet’s only option? Find out who killed her ex. And while she’s at it, discover who is stalking her and why.


Quick read.

This book keeps you entertained from the start with a fast paced murder that must be solved quickly and quietly.

Kindle Customer
Fun new series for me!

Fun cozy mystery series, set about 100 years in the future! It features some robotic coworkers in a tropical resort, but nothing else is too outlandish to distract from what is basically a pleasant, cozy "whodunit" story. I enjoyed the first one so much that I ordered and read the entire 4 book series, and await the publication of the next one.

Great read

I could not stop reading. This book is expertly written and kept me wanting more. I definitely recommend this one.

Catherine Hatrock

The story was cute, if a little predictable. But where was the EDITOR? Chapter 14 starts with the heroin reviewing what Braxton told her, and chapter 15 starts with her going to meet braxton. The two chapters are out of order in the book. I continued reading because I was not sure if this was the author's technique, in that chapter 14 was making me assume some things that hadn't happened yet.

H. Haupt
Great Series!!!

Great character development and fast paced storyline that keeps you on the edge!
I can't wait for the next books in the series to come out!!

Great read!

Refreshing story, written so well that you can see the beautiful location by the wonderful description of the resort. Interesting characters that are not over the top and are believable. The kind of people that you would like to have as friends. Look forward to reading more from this author!