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Crazy for You
Crazy for You

Crazy for You


4.50 (9 ratings)

Disaster Deana can't catch a break...

Deana Sawyer has always been cursed. Even when she tries to change her image, she ends up with hot pink hair and a Halloween costume that's about to have a wardrobe malfunction. To make matters worse, the guy who broke her heart in high school is back in Loco, Texas...and hotter than when he left.

Officer Finn wants to kiss and make up...

Finn Meyers has come back to settle down. After living in the big city, the quiet streets of Loco are just what he needs. He knows he screwed up with Deana all those years ago, but he hopes they can put the past behind them. Especially after he gets a look at the assets she's been hiding.

But danger lurks in the dark...

When Finn realizes someone is stalking Deana, he's determined to protect her and their future together...when means keeping her as close as possible.


Jennifer H.
So sweet!

This couple was so sweet together. I liked that Finn worked to make up for how he acted in high school. I thought Deanna was so cute, even if she constantly had mishaps. I didn't like the fact that Finn had an ex who he thought would be the one in college. If had already had feelings for Deanna, why look anywhere else? But I wish it hadn't moved so fast. Otherwise, it was a sweet way to pass the time.

Stephanie Watkins

As soon as I thought I knew what would happen next, there was a twist! Then another. Then it heated up... And I read the entire story in one sitting. You will too. Just the right amount of heat.

Just 1 complaint

It was too short! I could read this storyline in a much longer format and be compmetely happy! Guess i found a new series to fall down!

S Asher
New to me author!

Very cute and fast paced novella! My first book by new to me author Codi Gary was great. I can't wait to experience more of what this author has to offer!