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Soulmates by Fate: Fate 1-4
Soulmates by Fate: Fate 1-4

Soulmates by Fate: Fate 1-4


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Jock—it's a badge I wear proudly. I love high school. As the first string running back on the football team, I have it made. The girls, the parties, and the popularity makes it easy to love. Friends come easy for me and my brothers. I'm one of a set of triplets, and all three of us are athletes, so the term girlfriend means very little to me, even though I have one. Natalie knows it's just a tag, and one I can cut any time I'm ready. It's more for her benefit than mine.

It's summer break and the time has arrived for my yearly trip to visit my cousin Ryland. Laguna Beach, California, here I come. The west coast girls, the parties, and the surf and sand are the things I look forward to all year. My visits to California are always the same. Never complicated. I have my fun and come back to my life in Mississippi.

A game of beach volleyball and suddenly the blonde hottie beneath me has all my attention, and I have one week to get hers. I guess it's a good thing I'm competitive.

I would have never guessed that day on the beach was day one to the rest of my life, but just like when a football gets thrown down the field, everything would spiral from the moment it started until the very end.

We don't expect the unexpected when we fall in love. At least I didn't. Once it was done, that's all there was to it. I loved him and he loved me, and we would work out the rest, like college and careers. One thing we knew for sure was that we'd be together through it all. Fate ensured that when suddenly we were at the same school, despite us meeting on such a whim that summer, living thousands of miles apart.

Until we weren't.

Now, I'm stuck in the aftermath and barefoot in the rubble, left with a permanent reminder of the only boy I've ever loved, and he has no idea I'm pregnant. Cheerleading ended for me before it really even began, and Breyson never had a shot at college football. I still have half of my senior year to go and overnight it's no longer just about me anymore. I'm drowning in despair.
But Fate has a way of twisting the plot when you think you know where you're heading, even when someone I've known all of my life has a new meaning to me. Maybe, had I followed the clues, I would have seen this one coming. I'm standing at a crossroads with the biggest question I'll likely ever face. Do I do what's right or follow my heart?

Three hearts are on the line, but mates come in twos, and I'm the one that must choose which one will lose.

Note: This is a compilation of Accepted Fate, Changing Fate, Twisting Fate, and Lasting fate. 2nd Edition.