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Shocking Confessions
Shocking Confessions

Shocking Confessions


4.00 (741 ratings)

“A briskly paced and engaging murder tale that should satisfy fans of this series.” — Kirkus review.

A pair of grisly crimes challenges East Hampton Detective Jericho. One involves a body under a bridge. The other is generated by the discovery of a human arm in a shark’s belly.

Kirkus review: “This latest entry in Marks’ (Tumbling Down, 2018, etc.) series featuring Jericho and his cohorts is a taut, fast-paced mystery that skillfully weaves together the investigations of two seemingly unrelated crimes while developing subplots introduced in previous installments. Although Jericho remains the series’ primary protagonist, Officer Vangie Clark becomes an important character in the story as she rises within the department from a 911 dispatcher to detective…”


Kindle Customer

The characters are well described and interesting. The plot moved along well with enough twists and turns to keep you interested. Nice conclusion.

David Cochran
What a horrible, horrible book

The "author" should be ashamed to release such a "book".

A young swan is a cygnet, not a signet.

One comes pedaling up on a bicycle, not peddling.

There are numerous non-words in the book, like "heighth" and "messenging".

The Spanish word "entiendo" becomes "entendio". If one has no command of English, it's probably a bad idea to introduce a second language.

There are missing words. There are added words ("He picked it up his bicycle").

There is the unbelievable "raindeer".

The name of a murder victim is spelled at least three different ways.

The name of a waitress changes about 3/4 of the way through the book.

Meth crystals become crack cocaine before magically reverting to meth crystals.

The use of apostrophes appears to completely elude the author, so that they are thrown in occasionally in the hopes of achieving 50% accuracy.

This is all aside from holes in the plot that one could drive a truck through, many listed in other reviews. For instance, our lead detective uses the same email account for personal shopping, conversing with his girlfriend, and getting forensic evidence from the coroner. Our female lead goes on high-speed chases without ever using a radio for support. A dead dog is immediately deemed a murder as opposed to accident or disease. Our murderer hears a dog bark and goes on with the murder, but by the next morning has not only picked the dog from the neighborhood, but now knows that a person was with the dog, despite having never seen either.

The book is simply awful. It's amateurish in the worst way possible. If the "author" is not completely embarrassed, then they're even more inept than they seem. The publisher should be humiliated and drop this author. Amazon should be ashamed for offering this piece of tripe.

Horrible, simply horrible.


One of the weirdest authors I've read and I've read thousands. And after I read his CV at the end and other reviews I was even more dumbfounded. I read another one of the Jericho series and remember it was kind of odd, too, but this one seems even more so. I kept wondering if it was intentionally funny or not. It's like a novel written like a ransom note. Different parts clipped from magazines and newspapers that give a peculiar look but, in the end, gets the point across. I would probably read another one if it came along, just for its train-wreck qualities.

Kindle Customer
Just ok

It was just ok. It's not a book that will stick with me. It could use some good proof reading, tho.



Can stand alone

Fist I’ve read in series but characters and writing so good you’ll
Probably want to read more. Lots to keep you thinking and guessing.

Mari D
Twist & turns

Fast paced and full of twists & turns. Get job of weaving two plots into one ! Enjoyed every page.

Compelling and depressing

Warning: Irish Setter is murdered.

This stand-alone is not always easy to follow due to editing and formatting errors. No gratuitous violence or drag-you-down drama. Not all questions are answered.

Intriguing storyline of homicide and canacide. Descriptive writing that draws the reader into each scene. Flexible procedures, actions and reactions. Believable characters with distinct personalities and great relationships. Thought-provoking and informative dialogue.

I may re-read this story and always look forward to works by this author.