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September Breeze
September Breeze

September Breeze


4.60 (80 ratings)

A misleading ad brings one woman to the door of a widowed father of two. She's looking for a temporary place to live, he's looking for a nanny to stay with his troubled girls. Someone who won't quit after a few weeks.

Tess Dixon never stays in one place long. A fairly successful songwriter, she travels from town to town to experience life, but what she doesn't tell anyone is that she's escaping her painful past. When a chance to stay on set to write songs while a movie is being filmed brings her near Cinnamon Bay, North Carolina, she jumps on board. When a local woman overhears her conversation about a mishap with a living situation, she doesn't hesitate to hand Tess an ad. Curiosity leads her to the family's door.

Brian Taylor is desperate for a long-term nanny who won't be scared off by his daughters' antics. Who would have thought a Wife and Mom wanted ad conspired by his daughters and a trio of matchmakers would lead the perfect applicant right to his door? There's only one problem: She's temporary, and Tess changes their lives instantly.

When Brian gets a diagnosis he doesn't know how to accept, he has to come to terms with what all of this means for his future. Tess helps him cope and learn to adapt, but his feelings for her deepen. She doesn't deny she cares for him and his daughters, but somehow, she has to confront her past in order to have a future...

Delve into a new world of romance, mystery, and magic in the quirky coastal town of Cinnamon Bay, North Carolina.


Tonya Peterson
One day at a time live to adapt!

Test has a secret past that hurts her so bad she keeps running so she will never have a family again. When she came into town someone gave her an ad for a new mommy, but something got her attention and couldn't let it go. When she accepts it she finds it way to easy to adapt to the family. Brian is a teacher and a coach but when he started to have issues with his sight he just thought glasses but he soon discovered it was much more and he had to learn to adapt but not give up on life.

Beautifully written!

A beautifully written book with all the feels. The characters come to life and you laugh and cry with them. Each main character struggles with their own personal issues and you will yourself cheering for each of their successes. As with book 1 I adore the matchmaking trio of oldies who just simply cannot mind their own business.

Pat Carr
Enjoyed the story!

The story kept my interest. Enjoyed the story

Barbara M.

This is a new author to me. The story has a small town setting, scheming busybodies who mean well, sadness, fear, second chances, delightful characters, forgiveness, true love, and a HEA.

Tracy Spittle
You nailed it!!!

OMG! I do not know Jenny but I’m so glad you guys are friends! I am blind, a braille reader and teacher of students with vision impairments. I so longed for a book where blindness is not viewed as such a negative thing or something that you can turn the page in a book and fix. I absolutely loved this story. The characters are so believable, and fun. I admire the way that you have taken difficult topics and woven them into such a great story. I can’t wait to introduce friends to this book. Feel free to write others and encourage fellow writers to view blindness as a characteristic of a person and not the whole or defining point of that person! Keep the books coming!

Joan Maple
This is book 2 with the Cinnamon Bay magic potion theme

Light reading and fun to follow some of the characters from the first book

A Real Page Turner

I enjoyed this book immensely. I couldn't put it down. It was so well done. I loved the characters in this book. The characters were very well developed. The main characters in this book are Brian Taylor and his daughters, Tatum and Alice and Tess Dixon. Brian Taylor and his daughters had gone through so much. The girls' Mother was some what of a Dare Devil. She and the girls had been on an outing and the mother stepped near a cliff to take a selfie and to take a call and then fell to her death. The girls witnessed this and were traumatized from the experience. Tatum couldn't talk and communicated by writing on a pad. Alice was somewhat of a Dare Devil like her Mother and was constantly doing risky things that scared her Father for her safety. She also liked to pull pranks and was constantly getting into scuffles at school. Tess had some issues she was dealing with too. However these four characters come together with a little assistance from Birdie, Trixie, and Hattie to provide the support that each of them need to overcome their tragedies. It was definitely an emotional read. I felt what they felt. I was surprised to find very little foul language if any and there were no overly graphic love scenes. The attraction that Brian Taylor and Tess Dixon had for one another was definitely described. However it was very well done and allowed for our imaginations to fill in the rest. Overall it was just plain good storytelling. I felt the pace of the book was good. Its what made this book such a good page turner. I can't say enough good about this book.

Sharon Shillato
A romance with some twist and turns

A story of Tess a song writer who takes a second job as a Nanny for two daughters of Brian a widower. She took the job to help pay the bills and a place to stay. She had no idea that taking this job would change her life. I enjoyed the characters in this book. This love story had some sad moments but also humor. A nice read.